Most Dangerous Airports in India – That’ll Probably Take Your Breath Away!

It requires great infrastructure to build and maintain an airport. All the airports are virtually controlled by Government of the country. India has several airports, most of which are used for commercial purposes, flying schools, and some for military bases.


Most Dangerous Airports in India

Moreover, there are a total of twelve international airports in India. In addition, most of them are famous for its construction, its facilities, and services. However, there are certain airports that put the country to shame. Here are a few of them.

1.     Chennai International Airport, Chennai

Chennai International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in India. Also, it is the first airport in India where international and domestic terminals are next to each other. However, the airport is not as good as it should be.

  • It is not clean,
  • passengers have to wait in long queues,
  • the immigration’s are rude,
  • there are few shops available,
  • and also there is shortage of comfortable seats.

2.     Srinagar International Airport, Kashmir

Srinagar International is all the time under the surveillance of Indian Air force. It is situated at the distance of 12 km from the city and has covered above 67 acres of land. It is 5,445 feet above from the sea level.

Unfortunately, the airport is in mess and needs a lot of improvement. It is overcrowded and has long queues everywhere.

Moreover, one of the main reasons behind this overcrowding is the road transport. It is not very good and train service is absent in Srinagar.

Hence, passengers are heavily depended upon air transport, especially during winter. In addition, due to the pathetic condition of the state, there are several checks and security points, which is a great pain and takes a lot of time. It also needs many renovations. Besides, the staff is not co-operative and airport is always in filthy condition.

3.   Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra

Bagdogra Airport is situated at 16 km west of the Siliguri city, Darjeeling, West Bengal. However, the airport is very outdated and needs to be upgraded.

Moreover, when you are at the airport it looks like as if you have travelled back to history. Furthermore, facilities and conditions are not up to the mark. Airport architecture needs to be revised.

4.     Jaiprakash Narayan Airport, Patna

Jaiprakash Narayan Airport is situated 5kms southwest of city (Patna) in Bihar. It is spread over 254 acres and is 170 feet (52 m) above sea level.

However, it is a new airport which needs plenty of advancement. Moreover, taxi service is very poor and is only available at exit points. There are very less eating options.

In fact, due to poor construction an air plane crashed near the airport and 60 people died.

5.     Goa International Airport, Goa

Goa International Airport, better known as Dabolim Airport is situated in Dabolim, Goa. It is extended over 688 hectares. It is the state’s only airport and requires a lot of improvement.

Moreover, the rest rooms are in bad condition and does not have a baby care area. (It is very important if you are travelling with a small child)

In fact, in October 2012, two pilots and a technical sailor died while landing their helicopter (crashed). It was due to airport staff negligence and bad construction.

That is why, it is in the list of Most Dangerous Airports in India.

6.     Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati

Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport also known as Guwahati International Airport is the only international airport of the seven sisters (North-Eastern States of India). It is located in Borjhar, Guwahati.

Unfortunately, the airport is very untidy. Also, plenty of time is wasted in security and checking and it is not good for commercial passengers.

Moreover, high priority is given to the military persons and their planes. In fact, due to poor weather conditions and inferior facilities often flights get delayed.

7.    Shimla Airport, Shimla

Shimla Airport is situated in Jabarhatti, 22 kilometres from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It has a very small terminal. Only 50 persons can be handled for arriving flights and only 40 persons for departing flights.

The Kingfisher Airlines is the only airline which Delhi moves from daily. In fact, it doesn’t have the facility of clear announcements about the arrival and departures of flights.

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