How to Buy Royal Enfield Bullet in India If You are a Foreigner?

India is a versatile land with a vast expanse, it’s always fun to experience it closely. If you have the throttle of a Bullet (The Royal Enfield Bikes) in your hands, what else one would want to indulge in the passion of travel living. Also, if there is something so badass on the roads of India then it is an Enfield Bullet. Moreover, the most iconic bike on the roads out there is a mean machine with some real thumps in every beat. A backpacker’s dream to take the less travelled paths needs a wing just like this subcontinental monster, but the big question is how?


How to Buy Royal Enfield Bullet in India If You are a Foreigner

1. Buying A Brand New Bullet Vs Used One

If a foreign national wants to buy a Bullet and get it registered in his/her name, it takes a lot of legal formalities and long waiting list.  Buying a new Enfield means waiting of at-least 4 months, for someone willing to shell a few more $100 bills to get it hands on. You can find a few agents arranging the same.


It’s always suggested to buy a used Bullet. It comes with its own perks as getting one is quite easy in all big cities of India. But find someone who you can rely on to help you guide through the processes.

2. How To Find a Good Deal For A Bullet?

A local friend is always a good option to ask for help in finding a bike. Normally young chaps in the country keeps a good network. If someone is selling an Enfield in his/her acquaintance then a great situation for you.


In other cases, you could go and find it yourself. In few of the big cities where some market of used bike will be there. But a check-up with a mechanic specialised in Enfield bikes is quite a mandatory requirement. As he would be better able to understand the fallacies in the vehicle. The mechanic will tell you the clear picture only if he doesn’t care if you are gonna buy the bike or not.

3. What’s A Good Price For A Used Bullet?

Bugfree-Bullet-Travel (7.1)

A good conditioned and well maintained Bullet with a lung capapcity of 350 CC will be called aptly priced. If it comes in the range of 80-85k in Indian Rupees. Rest all depends upon your capacity to negotiate smartly.

4. How To Get Bike Registration/Transfer Done For Foreigners?

There could be two ways in which you can go ahead with the paper works in India. Every vehicle in India comes with an owners book which need to be transferred to the new owner when it is sold. The seller sign on a form and the buyer submits it in the Transport office. Then, right at the moment the seller puts his/her signature on the form, his ownership becomes void and its goes to the person holding the paper.


So, in this case one can keep the signed paper with him till his stay in India. Later, when he is going back and selling it to someone, he can pass on the same paper to next person. But this process comes with its own fallacies. First, when you are riding a bike with documents could be troublesome if you get pulled over by a traffic cop. And as a foreigner it could be a tad difficult for you to negotiate as they will try to rip you off as much as they can.


Getting you bike registered

You can choose another way too. This one is quite easy only if you have someone who can trust you and whom you can trust. Getting your bike registered in the name of a friend is always an easy go. You will just need a few ID proofs of your friend and get it registered from the transport office. Later ask your friend to make a lease paper in your name. So that you will be legally shield from any mischief of a traffic cop in India.


As you know the government office are not so fast as western countries. So it’s always good to keep some cash handy when you think you work might get delayed. Do not shy away in paying a few 100 Rupees to them as it keeps those hassles away

5. How To Make Your Bullet Ready To Hit The Road?

As soon as you get the bike at your disposal do not wait. Just land at a service station get it serviced. A few things to be taken care of are changing the engine oil, a thorough check-up of the clutch, brakes, turning indicators, back light, suspensions and cleaning of the carburettor.


Now you are set to zoom through the country on the royal ride of your own. But wait let me tell you frank that the bike is not one of the most reliable bike out there on the roads. So a few tips will keep you safe from getting deserted on a barren road somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

6. What Are The Points To Be Taken Care Of While Owning A Bullet?


    • Always carry some extra fuse plugs which is an essential tiny device. If it breaks then it’s next to impossible to start the bike. The fuse cartridge is located in the box right next to the battery compartment which is in a triangular in shape.
    • Always carry a strong rope, as it’s quite handy in the situation of a breakdown. You may be able to tie it to some other vehicle and get pulled till the next closest service station.
    • If you up for a night ride, then it’s a good choice to put an extra pair of blinkers at the rear of your bike. Why? To make it more visible for someone coming from behind.
    • Carrying your backpack is okay if it’s a small one. In case you are carrying more baggage, its suggest to fix up extra carriers (A metallic cage like structure) to carry your luggage. Isn’t it better to keep your luggage attached to the bike, than to carry them on your back meanwhile a long ride?
    • Keep a GPS enabled Smartphone handy. Perhaps with an Indian SIM in it, could be good help while you are lost somewhere in the beauty of the country.

7. A Happy Royal Enfield Enthusiast

The above mentioned suggestions are taken from the live experience of a young man Rachid, from France, who just got his Royal Ride going through the same processes as discussed in the blog. 

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