DREAM CAME TRUE IN AMSTERDAM | Things to do in Amsterdam


I’m back! With a whole new destination which fulfilled almost all of my dreams.


Soon after I reached my hotel from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I dodged into some Dutch street foods, as my stomach was crying out loud all the way with butterflies inside!!!


Then, I started with pofferdjes tiny little cute pancakes; the loads of butter melting in my mouth didn’t make me afraid of gaining weight.


Since, it was full of white sugary powder I balanced my taste by having fried fish with ‘calories’ of cream again. Thumbs up!  😀


I ended the day in FEBO for dinner. Not to mention, it is mostly popular for hanging out at night.


I remember the day when I was a child and my grandmother used to tell me ghost stories that they exists in dark canals, so I decided to meet those ghosts in deep canals of Amsterdam.


Fun Facts 🙂

It is said that this city was a fishing village once in early 1200s, those canals were built to save it from drowning.

Moreover, I couldn’t stop to 165 canals in Amsterdam; these are few where I was taken up by cruises.

HERENGRACHT (Gentlemen’s canal)


Do you know why it is Gentlemen’s canal?


That’s because during 17th-18th centuries the richest merchants, the mayors and other ones of high profile used to reside in the houses of this canal.

KEIZERSGRACHT (Emperor’s canal)


Just like the previous one, the widest of all, it was also named after Emperor of Austria Maximilian.

However, the water in this canal was unplanned but later people settling here demanded for it so that they can reach their houses through boats easily.

PRINSENGRAHT (Prince’s canal)


Completing after 50 years of building in 1612 another important one amongst the three is Prince’s canal.



Later I went through De Wallen, Scheepwa Art Museum, Vondelpark, Bloemen market (the only floating flower market in the world), Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum.


Also, we were told while visiting Anne Frank House museum that the spirits of mother and her children who once lived here still roam at specific time soon after sunset.



  • Visiting hours: 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.
  • Booking your ticket online for the museum will be more preferable than standing in between the long ques.

Ended the day by bike riding in the most beautiful place Keukenhof, a garden with 7 million tulips all over.


Since I was 5 years old I had a dream of surrounding my house full of different flowers with vibrant colors.


In addition, the color of tulips bought a smile on my face at 9 Euro (for adults) and 4-5 Euros (for children). But keep in mind it is open only on Sundays from 8am to 6pm only between March and May.


Unfortunately, opening for this year is already gone, 2019 is yet to come for Tulip Festival which holds once in a year.


  • Next opening: 21st March to 19th May, 2019
  • Time: 8am to 7-7.30pm



Hostelle- female only hostel

  • Girls!! If you are travelling with a restriction of being safe from your parents then this is the place where you can find safety for sure but cute dorms and cleanliness too.
  • 20 min away from Amsterdam city centre.
  • Freebies: tea-coffee-wifi
  • Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Airport (13-15km)


Flying Pig Downtown

  • It is located just to the mouth of Red Light district
  • Close to crowd including coffee shops, bars and markets too


Flying Pig Uptown

  • Located in the centre of Amsterdam
  • Close to museums and parks
  • Peaceful surrounding
  • Bars and night clubs


Flying Pig Noordwijk

  • Another piggy hostel is the Noordwijk which is close to beach
  • Wifi
  • Bar
  • Free breakfast
  • Shops

One who is homesick or one who is seeking for party freak surrounding, both are facilitated in this city with a chance to meet new people.


In conclusion, i would say that come and visit Amsterdam, the city which was a fishing village, the one with numbers of bridges and the one with dancing houses.

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