Pushkar Mela Rajasthan 2018 | Pushkar Mela | Camel Festival in Asia

  1. Pushkar Mela is the largest Camel Festival in the world.

2. There is a story behind the name of Pushkar. Also, it is believed that Brahma dropped a lotus flower in a lake (Pushkar Lake) and the city of Pushkar came to existence.


Moreover, since then Pushkar has become one of many homes of Brahma. Also, there isn’t any written history on Brahma temple it is considered to be 2,000 years old.

3. The equipment for the festival is procured from firms in the UK and Spain.

4. The Night Glow Concert is when the Hot Air Balloons light up the entire place like a fairyland!

5. Furthermore, the Sunrise Balloon Flights will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity of being able to witness a beautiful sunrise from a height that will be etched in your memories for ever.

6. Living in the tents and being treated like royalty will leave you in awe of the culture.

7. Also, Pushkar comes under the district of Ajmer and the Ajmer city (40 kms from Pushkar) is famous for the shrine of Sufi saint name Moinuddin Chishti.

8. Desert Safari is one of the major attractions of Pushkar Mela.


Moreover, a Desert Safari in Pushkar is 24-36 hours long and the attraction of a Pushkar Safari is the local villages where most travellers loves to attend rural weddings.


Also, Rajasthan is a famous wedding destination and rural weddings attract many married couples to rejoice their youth days of marriage and this time in Pushkar style.



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9. In conclusion, the best time to visit Pushkar is October to February.

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