Places to Visit in Prayagraj, Kumbh Mela, Shopping Places, Eating Spots

Formerly known as Allahabad, Prayagraj is one of the oldest cities of India. Moreover, it is considered as the holiest pilgrimage destinations of India.

It is situated at the meeting point of three most important rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This meeting point is called Sangam, where Kumbh Mela is held after every 6 years and Mahakumbh Mela after every 12 years.


Fun Fact: The Kumbh mela in India is the largest possible gathering in the world and can be seen from satellite!!


 Before you plan a trip, get all the details of Prayagraj.


  • Currency – Indian Rupee
  • Location – Located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Best Time to Visit – October to March

How to Reach


By Air


Allahabad Airport is located at Bamrauli (about 12 km away from the city centre).

It connects the city to major destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Varanasi.
By Train


You can get regular trains from other major cities of the country to Prayagraj.

Railway Station(s): Allahabad Junction, Prayag Station, City Station at Rambagh and Daraganj Station.


By Road


Prayagraj is well connected to major cities of the country via regular buses including Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Meerut, Jhansi etc.

Places to Visit in Prayagraj/Allahabad


1. Sangam


Triveni Sangam is considered a very sacred place for Hindus. It is the meeting point of three rivers i.e., Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati (now dried up).


However, people believe that taking a dip at Triveni Ghat will wash away all their sins and they will get free from the cycle of death and rebirth.


Many people gather here at the time of Maha Kumbh Mela. It is the largest gathering of humanity on earth, over a three-month period; an estimated 100 million people attended the most recent festival, in 2013.

2. Allahabad Fort


Allahabad Fort stands tall on the banks of river Yamuna. However, the great Mughal Emperor Akbar built this fort in the year 1583.

Not to mention, Akbar built this largest fort in Allahabad. In the old golden days, this fort was considered among the best structures built in the entire Mughal Empire.


The architecture of the Mahal is a fusion of Hindu and Islamic styles.


Opening Hours: 7 am to 6 pm (open on all days)


Nearby Places to Eat:

The Tamarind Tree, Park View Restaurant, EL Chico Restaurant, Eat On, Kohinoor Restaurant

3. Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Mandir is one of the major tourist attractions for spirituality.

It is known for its resting idol of Lord Hanuman. Moreover, people visit Hanuman Mandir to seek blessings.


Opening Hours: 5 am to 2 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm


Nearby Places to Eat:

Hotel Kanha Shyam Restaurant, Hot Stuff, Taste in Kasba, Tunday Kababi, Hari Ram & Sons

4. Khusro Bagh


Khusro Bagh is a large walled garden and a burial complex located in Allahabad, India.

It has tombs of many wives and children of Mughals. Also, it is situated over forty acres and shaped as a quadrangle.


Furthermore, the three mausoleums in the fort are made of sandstone which sets a perfect example of the Mughal architecture.


Entry Fees: Free


Opening Hours: 6 am to 7 pm


Nearby Places to Eat:

Bikanervala – Indian Restaurant in Civil Lines, Eat on, EL Chico Restaurant, Kohinoor Restaurant, Indian Coffee House

Shopping Places



What to Expect? / Tips


  • You must visit Prayagraj city in the winter months as the weather is very pleasant.
  • Do not show too much skin, as India is a very conservative country.
  • Be careful of the vendors on the streets as they might con you.

Where to stay?


There are great accommodation options throughout Prayagraj.

Some of them are as follows-

  • Hotel Polo Max
  • Hotel Galaxy
  • Grand Continental Hotel
  • The Legend Hotel
  • Hotel Ravisha Continental
  • Hotel U.R

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