Places to visit in Egypt – TOP 10 Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing

Tourist attractions in Egypt are like nothing you will find anywhere else in the world. Else, we can say – they define Egypt. Ancient Egypt, before its collapse some 1,700 years ago, was the ultimate Land of the Pharaohs, and monuments like the legendary Great Pyramids and Sphinx. Today, many royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings stand as a commemoration to all of the Egyptian pharaohs who once ruled this ancient land.

Places to Visit in Egypt




Hurghada is the perfect destination for you to spend your holidays this year. Moreover, Hurghada provides you with all that you are looking for. Beautiful beaches, dive into the sea, amazing resorts, delicious food, breathtaking scenery and much more.

In addition, Hurghada city is known mainly for its water sport activities like scuba diving; snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, its nightlife and the warm weather.




Don’t forget to visit the el Dahar market and meet local people to experience their lifestyle!


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White-Desert-IML Travel

It is hard to believe that this surreal attraction of Egypt of the Sahara Desert is natural. This desert has enormous formations of chalk ranging from snow white to cream in color, which also features the sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea and the cliffs of the Farafra Depression.


In addition, the white boulders and pinnacles have been shaped by wind erosion for several millennia. The surrounding national park houses the Rhim and Dorcas gazelle, the last of which roam the arid landscape here. With endless magnificence, it is among the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt.



Home to more than 120,000 items of ancient Egyptian antiquities, the Egyptian Museum is one of Cairo’s top tourist attractions. The ground floor of the museum contains an extensive collection of papyrus and coins used by the ancient Egyptians. Similarly, on the first floor, there are artifacts from the final two dynasties of Ancient Egypt and also many artifacts taken from the Valley of the Kings.


Highlights: The objects from the Tomb of Tutankhamen, and the Royal Mummy Room that has 27 royal mummies from pharaonic times.




Believe it or not, Abu Simbel Temple located in Aswan is the second largest man-made structures ever made. It is indeed one of the most fascinating ancient monuments in Egypt after the fascinating Pyramids of Giza. They were built for the most celebrated pharaoh or king of ancient times- Ramses II and his beautiful wife Nefertari.


Interesting FACT: Originally, the temples were 200kms below the present location in 1969. Aswan High Dam resulted in the discovery of Lake Nasser and to prevent the temples from submerging, the temples were relocated.


Surprisingly, it was UNESCO and Egyptian government who together made this relocating process possible. Teamwork can make everything possible, right? And can you believe that this process took over 60 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!


Every bit of the temple was dismantled and then reassembled at the new site. Moreover, there are a lot of videos online that you can watch to believe this relocation project.


Nubian Village IML Travel

When you are in Egypt then a visit to Nubian Village is a must. The beauty of the island, how the people talk, and their completely different style of living will change your perspective on life. The Nubian people are so welcoming and warm-hearted that their hospitality will urge you to visit the Nubian Village again.


Here is my Personal Experience: A Visit to Nubian Village on Elephantine Island


Philae Temple IML Travel

Philae Temple is considered to be the last ancient temple built in true ancient Egyptian style. It is a remarkable structure that features prominently in all Egypt tourism packages that include spending some time in and around Aswan. It is also one of the Egypt tourist attractions included in the itineraries of nearly all Nile river cruise holidays.



Karnak Temple, a fascinating maze of amazement is really a place you should never miss! You need one full day to spend at the temple. It is so huge that it literally took a long time for me to complete the tour of the temple.

You will not believe me when I say that you can fit Notre Dame Cathedral inside the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple. Didn’t believe me?


FACT:  The Karnak Temple is the largest religious building complex ever constructed. It covers an area of 200 acres, larger than some ancient cities.



Ever heard about the most magnificent cruise in your life? If not, then enlighten yourself with the spectacular cruise that starts from Aswan and ends at Luxor.


This 3-night and 4-day Nile Cruise Aswan to Luxor gives you an opportunity to admire the antiquities of Egypt along River Nile. You will witnessed the most beautiful sceneries one can only imagine!


The amenities that you get on the cruise are spectacular. Moreover, it has beautiful standard and suite rooms to get a comfortable sleep. The cruise has bars, a swimming pool, a dining hall, and special belly dancing shows while you enjoy your delicious food. All meals and three nights’ accommodation were included.



Known as the world’s largest open-air museum, Luxor is best known for the Valley of the Kings that contains rock-cut tombs of ancient pharaohs. Moreover, famous ancient kings such as Tutankhamun and Amenhotep were buried here. Although there are about 63 tombs that have been excavated, only a small number is open to tourists. Tutankhamun’s tomb, also called the KV62, has a separate entry charge.


Remember: It is one of the most haunting places to see in Egypt for sure!



Egyptian civilization is known to be one of the richest and powerful civilizations in the world. Also, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exists. After more than 4,000 years, Egypt still has its majesty giving people a glimpse of their rich and glorious past. It is the jewel of Egypt Tourist Attractions and one of the most visited places in Egypt.


For a fact, it took 2.3 million blocks of stone to build the entire pyramid. It remains the tallest man made structure for almost 4,000 years.


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