Jetavana Garden | Buddha Garden in Uttar Pradesh


Jetavana Garden

Jetavana Garden is famous Buddhist monastery garden. It is the second vihara (garden) donated to Gautama Buddha after Veluvana in Rajgir.


The temple is located just outside the old city of Savatthi. It is also the place where Buddha gave majority of his teachings and discourses. The remains of Jetavana and Savatthi are locally known as SahetMahet.


Currently, Jetavana is a historical park, with remains of many ancient buildings such as monasteries, huts and stupas. Moreover, Anandabodhi tree is the second-holiest tree of Buddhism around which Jetavana is located.


A visit to Savatthi and Jetavana Buddha Garden is part of the Buddhist pilgrim route in North-India.


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