Eating Disorder: How to Overcome Eating Problems (Vegan/Food Allergy)

Travelling can be a hassle, it is even more so if you can’t eat certain things on your trip. Inconvenience can turn into a health-threatening issue. Sometimes it is hard to find what to eat on a trip. Even when we can get our teeth to anything, including meat and peanuts (especially if we’re on the budget).


But if you’re a vegan or have a food allergy, then finding the right food in a new place might become a real challenge.

(just imagine not speaking a local language and trying to explain to a waiter what your allergies are or that you can’t eat cheese).


Here we provide a few suggestions on how to overcome eating disorder on the road.


How to Overcome Eating Problems

1. Pack Some Food

Pack some food. Always carry some food with you that you’re not allergic to. This might be a life saver in many situations where you just don’t have access to food that you can eat. Sometimes a small bag of dried fruit can give you enough energy for a few extra hours.

2. Drink a lot of water and juice

Drink a lot of water and juice. This will help you stay hydrated and provide vitamins that you need.  Especially if you drink fresh and natural juice instead of concentrate. Moreover, if you travel anywhere where you can wear shorts for most of the time, it shouldn’t be hard to find cheap good quality juice.

3. Research of Local Market


Do research on food available in the area before going on the street and finding something to eat. This might help you avoid products that you can’t eat. In fact, just imagine yourself ordering a veggie burger but the place brings you juicy beef burger instead. It’s all about communication.

4. Ask A Friend


Ask for help from a friend if you can. If you know someone who is more familiar with a local cuisine and is able to either explain you what to order or can ask local vendors what they’re selling, you’ll feel more relaxed and won’t have to play a Russian roulette of meals every time you need to get a bite.

5. Inspect Your Food

Inspect your food once it is served. This applies only when you’re not a guest in someone’s home. If you’ve been invited for a dinner, you should probably eat whatever is served, but let the host know well in advance what you can or cannot eat. Also, if you refuse to eat what is served, you might offend a host and that is not the impression you want to leave. It is a whole different story when you go to a restaurant. Therefore, inspect food as much as you want and if you feel that it might not be good for you, send it back.

6. Find A Vegan Restaurant


Better yet, try to find vegan restaurants around where you don’t have to worry about the ingredients and dig in without much worry. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the culinary wonders of a new culture that will not force you to go to the hospital.

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