18 Thrilling & Fun Things To Do in Goa – Attractions in Goa

To feel the beating pulses of Goa, you have to dig a little deeper and look for the places that are beyond a tourist’s perspective. Moreover, look for every opportunity to find fun and crazy things to do in Goa.


A little beach hopping, lazing at the shacks, partying at Tito’s and a few sips of Feni – that about covers your itinerary if you’re a tourist in Goa. But, if you’re a real traveller you wouldn’t be satisfied with just that.


So, here are some of the most amazing and offbeat things to do in Goa and if you’re going to miss them you have seen nothing:

18 Thrilling & Fun Things To Do in Goa



1.  Club hopping on a weekday!


Imagine partying every day of the week without anything stopping you!

2.   Attend the Sunburn Festival


With International DJs, foot-tapping music, dance, food and fun, Sunburn’s been the crux of December tourism in Goa since its inception! Time to get up and shake a leg!

3.  Party until morning!


No neighbours to stop you, no cops howling over post midnight. In addition, it’s Goa, parties start after midnight!

Also, you don’t want to be a party-pooper and not go, do you?

4.  Sunbathing at the beach


Away from the mundane city life, Goa is the kind of stop all of us wish for. Moreover, if you’re coming from up-north, wouldn’t it be a wonderful break from Winters?

5.  Go gaga over water sports


Banana boat rides, jet-skiing, surfing, para-sailing, the list never ends!

6.  Shack up!


The number of shacks Goa has is countless, and each with a distinguishing factor. Furthermore, from Sunny’s to Curlies to Tantra, you just cannot miss visiting any!

7.  Take the Mandovi River Water Cruise


Moonlight or sunset, whatever you prefer for a cruise ride, here is your chance. Also, there is a waterfall nearby!

8.  Discover the Goa Heritage


From the Indo-Portuguese times, Goa has a number of churches, museums, and galleries including  St. Xavier’s Church, the Archaeological Museum of old-Goa and the Naval Aviation Museum.

9.  Bond with Elephants


Elephant splash rides are a must-do this December. In fact, feel closer to the might of nature.

10.  Witness turtle nesting


Did you know the Galgibaga beach is known as the turtle nesting beach of Goa? What a rare occasion to witness!

11.  Take long walks along beaches


For all the nature lovers, please your eyes this December with the best of nature Goa has to offer. Also, you won’t run out of places to explore for sure!

12.  Go Dolphin spotting


It’s not everyday that you get to see Dolphins!

13.  Have fun with wild ones!


You probably didn’t know but Goa has way too many sanctuaries and national parks to explore. Moreover, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are a few good ones to name.

14. Shop at the Anjuna Flea Market


This market is an on-the-beach Wednesday paradise for all the shopaholics! It can definitely take your wallet for a spin.

15.  You just cannot miss Ingo’s Saturday Market


Every Saturday night at Arpora this market sets ablaze one and all! Moreover, even if you are not into shopping, this market can be a fun night out because of all the street-DJs, food, fire-eaters, poi jugglers and what not! A complete carnival!

16.  Massage, Ayurveda Treatments, meditation and all kinds of spiritual healing


Some of us just want to relax and rejuvenate this season. What better place than Goa for a holistic healing?

17.  Try out the Goa delicacies


Whether you are into sea-food, cakes and pastries or just food, all and sundry, Goa has delicacies no other place can offer and you won’t complain!

18.  Buy cheap alcohol


Last but not the least, you can stack up for an entire year!



In conclusion, you know all the juicy details about Things To Do In Goa. Hurry and visit today!

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