Egypt Travel Guide – A Detailed Guide to the Egyptian Land

Who doesn’t love to travel abroad, explore new cities and learn about new culture?


Everybody does. Right? Tourism for any country is a major economy booster. For many countries like Singapore, Malaysia and also the Central American countries like Costa Rica, tourism is the main source of income. Similarly, Egypt Travel Guide – Places to Visit in Egypt are a major revenue generator for the people living in Egypt.


People enjoy to travel for different reasons. This gave birth to new types of tourism. Like Medical Tourism, Cultural, Sports, Religious Tourism etc.


Today we are going to know more about Places to Visit in Egypt with Egypt Travel Guide. What kind of tourism is famous in the country? How was it in ancient Egypt? What are the major tourist places? Did 2011 revolution and terrorism have an influence on tourism?


Let’s find out.


Tourism in Ancient Egypt


Tourism has been in Egypt since the ancient times. It has a long history with ancient Egyptian people. They used to travel from one part of the country to another for work or cultural reasons.


Thus, these great Egyptian monuments are a proof of visits between Egyptians and other civilisations.

Abu-Simbel-Temple-IML-Travel-800x600 (4)

Kinds of Tourism in Egypt:



To begin with, this is one of the oldest types of tourism in Egypt. In addition, we get to know about  a country’s traditions, customs and rituals.


To my knowledge, Egypt represents the Pharaohic, Greek and Roman civilisations. (Quite interesting for a history geek like me)


Most of the people who visit Egypt have interest in historical sites or something. Otherwise why would you visit it? Do you agree?



Did You Know?  Since the discovery of Rosetta stone and other important monuments, the tourism in Egypt has increased a lot.


Some of the most famous tourism cultural sites are:


  • Giza- We already know about the beautiful  PYRAMIDS!!! These royal tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs have got attention of the people of the world.


  • Nile River- The cruise on the Nile River has all the facilities you are looking for in your life.

Similarly like Cultural Tourism, Religious Tourism is also one of the oldest in Egypt. Moreover, it gained importance because of three religions in the country: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Some of the most famous tourism religious sites are:


  • Jewish Monuments (Judaism):

Mount Moses, Sinai


  • Christian Monuments (Christianity):

St. Catherine in Sinai (one of the oldest monasteries in the world) and The Hanging Church.


  • Islamic Monuments (Islam):

Al-Imam ash-Shaf’i Necropolis, As-Sayyidah Nafisah Necropolis and Qayitbay Necropolis.


Besides these two types of tourism, Sports tourism is also present in Egypt. Surprised?

You can various sport activities such as diving, fishing, mountain climbing, skating, etc.


Did You Know?  International Tournaments also takes place in the white and red sea.



Major Attractions promoting Egypt Tourism:


Places to Visit in Egypt


Firstly, the country is full of ancient monuments which attracts millions of people every year. Secondly, you cannot help yourself from seeing these beauties.


These are the major tourist places that no one should ever miss:


However, Alexandria is the main summer resort and is most visited because of its beautiful beaches, history and museums.


The Nile River Cruise:  The most magnificent cruise you will ever hear or see! This 3-night and 4-day cruise. It gives you a lifetime opportunity along with the antiquities of Egypt along River Nile. (Cruise: Aswan to Luxor)

In any case, your trip to Egypt will be worthless if you didn’t hop-on on this wonderful cruise. I am telling you, believe me!



TOURIST TIP: In terms of weather, the best time to visit Egypt is from October to April. Usually, it remains hot and I must warn you before you get sunburn!


(WARNING: Don’t forget to take loads of sunscreen with you!)





Presently, if we we talk about the economy sector of Egypt, Tourism accounts as a major factor. It has contributed a lot to the country. It indeed has helped to improve the infrastructure and build many new hotels and resorts for us.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your stuff and get going!


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