Wife of Shah Jahan – Mumtaz | Biography and History of Mumtaz


Mumtaz is the beloved Wife of Shah Jahan. He made Taj Mahal in her memory.


Arjumand Banu Begum was born in Agra to a Persian family. At the age of just 19 in 1612, she was married to Prince Khurram later known as Shah Jahan. She was Shah Jahan’s second wife and they had fourteen children.


Mumtaz was remarkable in learning, talented and a cultural lady. She had knowledge about Persian and Arabic language and also composed poems. In her adolescence period, she definitely attracted a lot of kings but then she eventually got engaged to the emperor Shah Jahan.


Death of the Wife of Shah Jahan

She died in Burhanpur, Deccan (now Madhya Pradesh) in the year 1631. Shah Jahan then had the Taj Mahal built which is considered to be the monument of ‘undying love’.


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