Tribes of India – Never Mess with these Bizarre Indian Tribes!

In spite of all the technological development, we all try to keep in touch with our roots. Moreover, some sections of society prefer to isolate themselves from technology and embrace nature. A few Tribes of India are big fans of this practice. Some of their traditions and customs make sense while some will make you doubt their sanity. Well, let’s get started!



The Jarawa tribe is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They are also the last surviving tribes in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands but sadly their tribe is slowly reaching the verge of extinction.


Moreover, they like to be left alone but they also don’t hate the modern civilisation. What is strange about them is their appetite! They will eat any animal but deer. Don’t know the reason behind it! It is interesting because the Island is packed with deer.



The Sentinelese tribe is least interested in associating with the modern society. In fact, they go downright hostile when it comes to mingling with the outside world!


In fact, they happen to be hardcore lovers of buckets! To be more specific, red buckets. Some archaeologists were lucky enough to meet these people without being attacked by them. They were given red and green buckets and pigs as gifts.



The Bhil tribe comprises about 39% of the population of Rajasthan. They are found central and western parts of India and are the largest tribes of India. What is unconventional and different about them is unlike in most Indian weddings the groom pays the dowry to be able to marry an eligible woman.


Women smoke and drink along with men and are not judged by other contrary to the stereotypical idea we have in our minds when it comes to rajasthani women



The Khasi tribe is named after the language they speak. What sets them apart is that they are a matrilineal tribe, They carry on the name and traditions of the mother. The mother inherits the property and not the man in the house. The woman in the house calls the shots!


You will never come across a tribe as chilled out as this one! Khasi tribe does not believe in arranged marriages. In case of divorce, the woman is free to remarry and the property and children stays with the woman. When the mother in the family dies the property always goes to the youngest daughter.



Santhals inhabit parts of Eastern India in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam and Bihar. Along with speaking their tribal language santhali they speak other languages as well. What is strange about them is they don’t worship the almighty but fear the local ghosts. They are not exactly atheists but try to keep the ghosts of the area happy. They do so by making animal sacrifices and they do not believe in idol worshiping.

It seems like these tribes are happy with their lifestyle! Maybe we didn’t need the technological development to this extent. Maybe we would have been better off without them! Well, good for them if they are not addicted to this modern lifestyle like the rest of us.

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