10 *Safest* Destinations for Travelling Europe Alone *Females*

Traveling alone is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It gives you time to reflect, learn about yourself and expose yourself for the better. Although, it can be a little challenging when you have that realization that you are actually going to be traveling alone. It’s natural to be nervous. There are some horror stories out there involving Travelling Europe Alone, especially if you’re a female. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from discovering the world. When it comes to planning your trip to Europe we got the safest and most beautiful cities lined up for you, so start making your list!

10 *Safest* Destinations for Travelling Europe Alone


1.     Paris, France


You can’t go to Europe without making a stop in Paris! The smell of patisserie’s in the morning, that feeling you get when you first see the Eiffel Tower and artistic atmosphere whether it’s fashion, architecture or art itself. Paris will take your breath away. However, there are a few things you need to know about travelling alone in Paris; I wouldn’t recommend staying out after midnight alone. With company, it’s fine. But alone you may become the target of plenty of guys trying to sell you things, or just straight up bothering you.  What I suggest is grabbing a few new friends from the hostel and heading out together! Rosè and catching the midnight light show on the Eiffel Tower with some new girlfriends makes for a fantastic evening!

2.     Split, Croatia

The atmosphere in Split remains very laid-back, even in the hustle and bustle of the town centre. I believe it is the combination of white stone architecture which provides that cool feeling on a hot July day and the citizens. The Croatians are very kind, accommodating people. They also love a good chat! Take a walk along the pier, gaze through the crystal clear water and eat seafood (try FiFi’s restaurant, cheap and delicious!). It’s a little piece of heaven on Earth.

3.     Krakow, Poland

The wee city centre of Krakow lies within the walls of the old town, as a city it’s incredibly safe. I shamelessly stumbled back to my hostel after a night out. Kebab in one hand, shoes in the other. Certainly not the way my Mother raised me but my drunken quest wasn’t disturbed by creatures of the night or trolls under bridges. Although that was only one night of my stay in Krakow, the other few nights when I returned home (not as blind drunk) I noticed that the streets are quite empty, only to pass the occasional group of over-excited, testosterone filled group of lads, concerned only with beers and strip clubs.

4.     Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is known mostly for two things Guinness and its people. It would also be correct in saying that these are not only the best things about Dublin; the history is fascinating, the parks are hyper-colour green and the nightlife is spectacular. You see Dublin is the place where you could go out at night by yourself. The majority of Irish people are very chatty and if they see if you’re alone will invite you to drink with them. Although, like most cities it does have its dodgy figures, so anyone who looks a bit scary stay clear from. But they’re not that much of a threat! Not enough of a reason not to have a glass of the black stuff on the Emerald Isle itself!

5.     Munich, Germany

Well first off, it’s where the classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was filmed, where even Slugworth turned out to be a good guy! Munich is pretty freakin’ safe. Although just beware weary of the drunks around the Bahnhof (train station). Everywhere else is fine. So relax, head to a beer garden and sample some of the tastiest beer in the world!

6.     Vienna, Austria

Come snow or sunshine Vienna is always good to luck at. The baroque architecture which lines the busy streets of Wien (what the locals call Vienna) is definitely what makes Vienna so pretty. If you’re a massive music fan then you’ll never run out of things to see/do, a bit of Opera here, some Philharmonic Orchestra there, sounds good eh? My only advice about Vienna is that you should be careful where you are staying. Although Vienna is renowned as one of the safest cities in the world, the saying “wrong side of the tracks” applies to this city. Stay away from hosteling south of the Hauptbahnhof station area, the more centre you’re staying the better!

7.     Killarney, Ireland

Killarney is home to one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe which makes for some truly beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to visit if you’ve had enough of the metropolitan side of Europe. The sense of purity, the feeling of being one with nature and the kindness of the locals makes Killarney one of the greatest places to visit if you’re visiting Europe. A night the small town becomes alive to sound of traditional Irish music and the chatter of those out for a pint. All in all, it’s a fantastic place.

8.     Edinburg, England

Calling all Harry Potter enthusiasts! Edinburgh is a must for you! Built on rolling hills do the granite bricked buildings lie. Cafès, cosy bars and curvy pavements guide you down and around the old town of Edinburgh. It’s history consumes you. Queens, plagues and revolutions have ravaged this city. Even if you’re not a history buff, Edinburgh is one of the most intriguing cities out there. Covered in charm and character, come to Edinburgh and you’ll never want to leave.

9.     Malta, Malta

Malta is a teeny tiny place. But it has a lot to offer in terms of delightful sights and sunshine. If it’s a lot of sun, and a lot less tourists you’re after Malta is definitely for you. The main town of Malta, conveniently called Malta, has cutsy colourful boats which line the marina. Imagine strolling along the coast, ice cream in hand. Just. Like. Yes please.

10.     Bern, Switzerland

Ok. So anywhere in Switzerland is pretty safe. Like… it’s Switzerland, nothing bad ever happens there. But Bern would be my choice city to check out if you’re going to venture outside Zurich. First off, it’s pretty adorable as a town. It’s almost surrounded by water, enough to consider it a moat. How many towns have a moat? Just Bern. It also has the steepest funicular (a tram that go up and down hills) in the world. It’s practically the world safest rollercoaster. Oh Switzerland.

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