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“Baksheesh” – a typical Egyptian term you will definitely hear workers speak in Egypt.


It means ‘tip’ and this “Baksheesh” will be requested of you from anyone who provides you a service and even by some who have not. Pretty strange right? But remember to not ever feel forced to tip someone who has not offered you a service.


Egyptian service workers may look disappointed or might seem rude about the amount of your tip, saying that it is too low. Don’t let this tip bother you in anyway; it’s a part of Tipping Etiquette in Egypt.


If this happens, either takes your gratuity back or simply smiles and says that ‘that is enough.’


Moreover, Egyptian currency is in pound and each pound is equal to 100 piastres (piastre = number of units in a currency). So, small bills like 1s and 5s are useful for tipping in Egypt. In fact, several vendors will not be able to charge huge amount of bills.


Remember that Tipping is really important in Egypt, since many Egyptian workers are not paid much and simply rely on tips. Trust me; tipping a bit will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Tipping in egypt IML TRAVEL
  • Tipping in Egypt: HOTELS




It is not necessary but you are expected to tip the person who assists you. Tip the luggage man 3-5 LE per bag as he will walk them in and out. Give maid 5-10 LE per night. Also, if you have breakfast at the hotel, plan to tip the waiter/ waitress at least 5-10 LE per meal.



  • Tipping in Egypt: RESTAURANTS 




When eating out, 10% tipping is great in Egypt but remember to see a ‘service charge’ on your bill. This goes straight to the restaurant and not to the actual waiter/ waitress. So, make sure to tip them in addition.


You will be acknowledged by them as they rely on this money or ‘tip’ for their income. If you like their service, you can always go ahead and give them a huge tip.

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  •  Tipping in Egypt: SPAS


AT SPAS TIP 10-15%


If you are happy with the service at the spa, tip closer to 15%. If you are not pleased then tip closer to 10% or even a bit less. Feel free to say anything that you may not like during your visit. It’s better to do this than to not leave a tip. If you don’t leave a tip the staff may just assume you forgot.



  • Should you tip your TOUR GUIDE?




Having a local tour guide is one of the best ways to know insider info of Egypt. Therefore, you should provide a generous amount of tip to the tour guide.


If a driver is taking you sightseeing tour for the day, you can tip him around 50 LE.  And for a a half day tour, 25 LE is a great amount.


If the guide takes you on a full day sightseeing tour, then plan on tipping him around 80-100 LE. For a half-day, leave a tip of around 40-50 LE. In addition, be aware that you should leave 2 or 3 LE for your bathroom attendants.



  • Should you tip your TAXI DRIVER?




In Egypt it is not mandatory to tip taxi drivers. Agree upon a price and include the tip in that price before you hop on into the taxi. However, if traffic is tragic or the taxi driver offers to tell you about the culture or is extra friendly, you could always leave a little extra money, or round up.



  • Tip to Hairdressers?


TIP 10-15%


Typically, you should tip your hairdresser between 10% and 15% of your total bill amount in Egypt. Provide them the cash once they are done. Also tip individually, if the person who shampooed your hair is different from your hairdresser.


If you are happy with the service, tip towards the higher end, and if you are not, tip towards the lower end. Even if you are not pleased with your hair, you should still leave your hairdresser something. If you don’t your hair stylist may assume you forgot to leave a gratuity.




Now you know all the golden rules you need to remember while TIPPING IN EGYPT!


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