Fun Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh that will make your Adrenaline rush!

Are you looking for an amazing beach destination?


Then, Sharm El Sheikh is an ideal place for you. Located on the coastal line along the Red Sea, it has a ton of beaches with clear waters and breathtaking views, numerous beautiful resorts and hotels.

This resort town is on every holiday makers and divers list. The number of tourists has increased tremendously in the past 3-4 years and will continue to do so.


Find out about the Fun Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh!


Did You Know?


Sharm El Sheikh is sometimes referred to as the “City of Peace”. Wonder why? The reason is the numerous peace conferences that have been held here.


Tourist Places to See in Sharm El Sheikh


The town is full of gorgeous beaches and sights to see that you will never get tired.


I, along with my friend visited Sharm El Sheikh last year and I am not kidding when say that this is the prettiest place I have ever seen.


Egyptians are night owls. Need evidence? Then visit Sharm Old Town. This place is perfect for those shopalcoholic out there. Sharm Old Market comes to life after dark. You will stores full of souvenirs, clothes and ornaments.


TIP: When in Sharm Old Market you should definitely try Shisha.


A 3-hour bike Safari adventure from Sharm El Sheikh to Sinai Desert is something you cannot miss.


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What to do at nighttime?


Don’t miss out the amazing show at Alf Lela that has great male and female belly dancers.


Another place to chill and hangout with your friends is the Naama Bay. As this is the main hub for tourists and various and beautiful cafes, restaurants and bazaars.


Hard Rock Café Sharm El Sheikh, Havana café, Fawanes Café are some of the popular cafes in the area.

Activities to Do


As I mentioned earlier, that the town has a ton of beaches so it is obvious to tell you that it is famous for diving and snorkeling.


Entering into the warm waters of the Red Sea will make you forget all the stress and you will enter into a moment full of life and colors. How do I know that? Because I have personal experience, obviously!!




Sharm El Sheikh is one of the finest diving spots you will ever find and Tiran and Ras Mohammed are a perfect example for that. These two are the perfect diving spots in the world.


How to reach Tiran and Ras Mohammed? It is a two hour boat ride from Sharm El Sheikh.

Did You Know?


Tiran Island is among the most stunning and best preserved reefs in the whole Sharm. While Ras Mohammed is a national park which has beautiful reefs with over 220 coral species.


Some places that offer diving and snorkeling:

  • Marina Divers Sharm
  • Blue Lagoon Sharm
  • Divers International




The best way to explore underwater sea is through snorkeling in Sharm.


Sharm has some fine beaches for snorkeling:


Al Fanar Area: This is a very wide and wind protected bay that is perfect for snorkelers. Sentido Reef Resort, Faraana Reef Resort and Jaz Fanara are some hotels in this area.


Al Montazah Area: A very long sandy beach with jetty access to the coral wall to explore the area. Sensatori Resort, Coral Beach Montazah and Cyrene Grand Resort are some hotels that can be found in the area.


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Desert Safari


Discover the most amazing landscapes through bike ride, jeep ride, camels or simply trekking with friendly Bedouin guides. The Sinai Desert is full of charm and breathtaking views that will take you to another world.


After the closure of so many flights into Sharm, obviously number of divers has been reduced. But the changes in the corals and the marine life are still very positive.



How to Reach:

By Plane- Arrive at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. (Third largest airport in Egypt)

By Boat-Take 1.5 hour boat ride from Hurghada to Sharm.


What to Expect: The most stunning coral reefs and calm and clear waters, amazing cafes and breathtaking views.


Weather:  The weather is generally hot and dry. So, your travel clothing should be light and comfortable. Or the best time to visit is in the winters.


What to carry: Sun block, a hat, duffle bag to put your stuff into and water bottles.


Currency:  Egyptian Pound (EGP)


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