SIWA OASIS- The SHOCKING Facts behind the its existence!

Do you know about an Oasis?

An Oasis is a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.

But today we are going to know about Siwa Oasis.

To begin with, Siwa oasis isolated spot found in the heart of Western Desert in Egypt.  It is not very popular and doesn’t catch tourists’ eye  until they really want to see it. Unlike Egypt, Siwa has maintained its unique and rich culture through years. They speak a very different language of the Berber Family called Siwi.


This place stands out from other oasis because of its natural beauty and location. But, the secret behind its existence will leave you in great SHOCK!

Keep on reading to find out what that is…



You are advised to visit Siwi Oasis in winter months, as it is a hot country!


Culture of Siwa


Siwa Oasis shows unique Egypt. Moreover, until proper roads were made, camels were the only means to link with outside world. These camels were used to sell dates and olives, trade goods or carry people to other places.


Because Siwa Oasis was at a lonely place, the people started making their own crafts. Like basket making, pottery, embroidery and silverware. Among all of these crafts, the silverware was the most used. It was used in bride’s clothes during weddings and special occasions.

Must Do:

You can buy their famous silverware called ‘adrim’ or torc. It is a necklace that you hung over the breast.


Festivals in Siwa Oasis


Like other Muslims in Egypt, Siwi people celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha too. However, on the festival of Eid al-Adha, they cook the skin of sheep instead of goat.


Another unique festival is the Siyaha Festival which is celebrated in the honor of their traditional patron saint Sidi Sulayman.



I know what you are thinking. How do they earn in a remote area?

Agriculture! It is their main occupation, particularly dates and olives. Which we all love right?




 Siwa’s locally made dates and olives. You will definitely love it.



How to Reach:  Take a bike ride or a private taxi to Siwi.


What to Expect: Amazing people, beautiful silver ornaments.


Weather:  The weather is generally hot and dry. So, your travel clothing should be light and comfortable.


What to carry: Sun block, a hat, and water bottles.


Currency:  Egyptian Pound (EGP)



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