Top 10 Best Sections to Visit of the Great Wall of China

Though the Great Wall is over 6,000 kilometers long, here are the best 10 sections to visit are near Beijing and why are they worth visiting:

  1. the best-restored, Mutianyu,
  2. the most beautiful, Jinshanling,
  3. the wildest, Jiankou,
  4. Simatai,
  5. Huanghuacheng,
  6. Gubeikou,
  7. Juyongguan,
  8. Huangyaguan,
  9. Shanhai Pass, and by far the most crowded
  10. Badaling


Let’s know them one by one.

  • Mutianyu- fully-restored Great Wall section


This is the most popular and child-friendly section among foreign travelers.


Why visit?

Mutianyu is a uniquely designed structure. It consists of watchtowers and fortresses densely spaced along its length, and crenellations on both sides. First Lady Michelle Obama has visited it.


Facilities: cable cars up/down and cart railway down

  • Jinshanling- Great Wall hiking route


The Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China is a well-known hiking route from Jinshanling to Simatai. Jinshanling’s wall is half restored and half wild. Moreover, it is the most beautiful section of the Great Wall.


Why Visit?

To enjoy the quiet with great vistas of the wall snaking up and down.


Facilities: cable car

  • Jiankou- most steep section


The broken wildness and perilous steepness of Jiankou section makes it the most dangerous section of the Great Wall.


Why Visit?

The wild and untouched section of this wall makes it really steep and dangerous. It changes its way along mountain ridges in the shape of a “W”.

Its breathtaking views make it a great place for photography and serious hiking.





  • Simatai-the only section opened for a night tour


The Simatai section contains different characteristics of each section of the Great Wall. Moreover, the visitors can take a night tour on the Great Wall.


Why Visit?

Simatai is an acknowledged section on the World Heritage Site in 1987. The red leaves makes it worth a visit.



cable cars (80 yuan one-way ticket, 120 yuan round-trip);

battery carts (10 yuan one-way through Simatai Tourist Village);

zip-line to Simatai’s West Wall;

boats on the reservoir up to East Tower

  • Huanghuacheng-unique wall and water scenery


The perfect blend of lake scenery and ancient wall makes it one of the most noted sections of the Great Wall.


Why Visit?

Some parts of the wall are submerged in water. Also, there is Ming Dynasty chestnut orchard at the foot of the wall which is a 500-year-old.


Facilities: cruise boats

  • Gubeikou-Wild Wall, Ancient Battle Site


Gubeikou protected an important pass to Beijing from northern Mongol areas which witnessed over 130 battles.


Why Visit?


  • Juyongguan-one of the greatest Great Wall forts


Why Visit?

This is the closest section to Beijing. Moreover, it is wheelchair-friendly, so it is perfect for handicapped travelers. Alsom, it is one of the biggest forts defending ancient Beijing.


Did you know? Genghis Khan once led his troops through Juyong Pass during his conquest of Chinese territory.

  • Huangyaguan-an annual Great Wall marathon race site


Each May, the Great Wall Marathon is held on the Great wall of Huangyaguan.


Facilities: sightseeing buses to the mountain top

  • Shanhai Pass-where the Great Wall meets the sea

Shanhai Pass was a much planned pass in the Great Wall of China. Further, it served as a defense against the Manchus. Also, this pass marked the east end of main Ming Dynasty Great Wall, where the Great Wall meets the sea.

  • Badaling-the most popular section among Chinese tourists


It is the most famous section among Chinese tourist groups and so it is always very crowded.


Facilities: cable cars, Great Wall Museum, circular-screen cinema, and some wheelchair access.


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