7 Gorgeous Places for Scuba Diving in India You Just Can’t Miss!

Scuba diving is an amazing underwater sport and the best part of it is you do not have to be a trained professional to do it. In fact, swimming under the mesmerising waters of the ocean along with the dolphins and beautiful fishes is like a dream come true!


So, if you are looking for a whole new experience filled with fun and thrill, you better start making plans to visit these

7 Gorgeous Places for Scuba Diving in India.

1.     Lakshadweep


If you thought that exotic white sand beaches can only be found outside India, think again! Lakshadweep Islands, a group of 36 islands collectively, are surrounded by crystal clear water that is home to a vibrant and active marine life.


Moreover, the Bangaram coral islands are a top choice among scuba divers and an overnight sea journey in a cruise 250 km from Kochi will get you there.


In fact, the Bangaram coral islands are blessed with radiant beaches, majestic coral sand, coral reefs and affluent marine genus. Another popular dive site in Lakshdweep is  Aggati Island.

2.     Havelock Island, Andaman


A treasured beauty of the Indian sub continent, the Andaman Islands offer some of the most fascinating beaches in India. You can enjoy a lot of water sports in Andaman; it is famous among divers across the globe as well.


Moreover, the magnificent islands of Andaman and Nicobar offers breath-taking views both under water as well as on land. In fact, the serene beaches, the vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs are enough reason to make the Islands command a dominant position on the list of the world’s best scuba diving spots.


The Havelock Island which is a great dive site is also home to Rajan, the ocean swimming elephant of India.


The Wall, Clinque Island (Port Blair), Fish Rock are some must visit dive sites. It’s time you start preparation for your Andaman scuba diving tour and imagine yourself under the hidden underwater world.

3.     Pondicherry


The modest little town of Pondicherry is well known for its French architecture and peaceful environment and style of living. However, this quaint town is home to some top scuba diving spots in India that boast of striking corals and gorgeous fishes such as the  Lion fish, Tiger fish, King fish, Eels, the Eagle and Manta rays, Parrot fish, Sea snakes and more.


Top dive sites include Cool Shark Reef, Temple Reef, The Hole, 4 Corners.

4.     Goa


Unlike the popular misconception, Goa is much more than beaches and beer. There is no dearth of adventure activities in Goa.

Also, it is a boast of amazing scuba diving sites such as the Grand Island that is easily accessible from South Goa. You can expect to experience the pristine coral gardens, shipwrecks and colourful fishes as the waters have a clear visibility upto a depth of 5 meters.


Although the waters in Goa may not be an ideal site for scuba diving, they are pleasant enough and offer a different scuba diving experience altogether. Some popular dive sites are – Uma Guva Reef, Shelter Cove and The Jetty.

5.     Karnataka


Coastal Karnataka is blessed with valleys, verdant forests, fresh backwaters and clear tropical waters. The diving sites here are home to the great diversity of fish life common to the Arabian sea and Goa.

Whales, Turtles, Stingrays, Cobias and Stone fish can easily be spotted here.


You should be looking out for Netrani Island to dive when in Karnataka.

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6.     Malvan, Maharashtra


Today, Malvan is a popular tourist destination and home to Trakarli beach that is one of the rare places in Maharashtra with beautiful crystal clear water ideal for underwater diving in India.


Also, the intriguing underwater life and rockscapes are worth an exploration. Moreover, you can expect to get glimpses of star fish, cephalopods, sea urchins and reefs on your underwater exploration.

Cool Shark Reef, Temple Reef, The Hole, 4 Corners are some popular dive sites.

7.     Kovalam, Kerala


Fortunately, the paradise called Kerala, still houses some untouched beaches that are an excellent sit for Scuba diving.

The tourists throng the beaches to indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving in Kerala.  The people still enjoy the rich and unexplored underwater life.  Though artificial, the nearby reef adds to the charm of the underwater treasures of Kovalam, Kerala.


Often referred to as the God’s own country, Kerala has diverse water bodies including astounding waterfalls, rivers, lagoons, canals and lakes. Divers can enjoy the multicoloured reefs, star fish and jelly fish, Blacktip sharks, Ray fish among others, making this an exciting diving destination.


If you do not know how to swim but still want to scuba dive, you don’t have to worry at all. The scuba professionals will give you basic scuba diving lessons.

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