16 BEST Road Trips in India that you must take before you die!

What a trip it would be, if you never took a road trip to some of the most serene routes in India.


Whether you are young or old, a lover of wildlife or the mountains, a road trip will certainly serve you what you are looking for. But, only if you know what falls into the route you are going to choose.


Here we have made a comprehensive list of some of the most amazing Roadtrips you must take in India. So what are you waiting for let’s just pump up your Throttle and Revv for Dreamtrip.


Road Trips In India

1. Manali- Leh 473 Kms

This roadtrip is on the top of every travel lover’s list of a Dreamtrip, a mecca for bikers. In fact, riding through this mountain desert draws a lot of people from across the world. Also, a ride to the magnetic hill is a magical experience for one and all. It is also known as land of high passes.


Driving across the Khardungla Pass can be a memory of a lifetime as it is world’s highest motor-able pass. Some of the major attraction in this route are The Buddhist Monasteries, Pangong Lake and Barren Mountains.

2. Delhi- Rishikesh 242 Kms

A road trip to Rishikesh from Delhi will take you into the lap of Nature. Rishikesh is famous for its proximity to the Haridwar, the mountains. Also, it is considered to be the centre for Yoga and meditation.


But for the point of view of a Roadie it is more of a place for adventure sports like River rafting, Bungee Jumping and a camping on the banks of the River here. In addition, the road condition from Delhi is superb and it is recommended to Taste lip smacking food at some of the Dhaba’s enroute.

3. Guwahati- Tawang 447 Kms

Its is one of the most beautiful road trip in India. It is  a 14 Hours Drive that will take you to nature’s best.


In order to reach the Tawang one must possess a permit called ILP (Inner Line Permit for Indians) and PAP (Protected Area Permit for Foreign Nationals).


However, Tawang is a much undiscovered Trekkers paradise, offering breath taking views, fresh mountain air, chill weather, and challenging or leisurely treks. Also, some of the places of interest are Tawang Monastery, War Memorial, Emporium and The Indo China border at Bumla.

4. Siliguri- Darjeeling 62 Kms

There is a famous clipping of a poetry “Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.” It means “If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here”.

When you take a road trip from Siliguri to Darjeeling then you will understand what i am trying to say.


Moreover, a short drive from Siliguri to Darjeeling will be an amazing experience. It will take you in the lap of nature and in the vicinity of the great Kangchenjunga. Furthermore, on a sunny day the site of the shimmering K2 is a great Spectacle itself from the mall road.


Also, an early morning ride to the Tiger Hill, chilling out with other tourists and a beautiful sunrise are some of the most famous activities here. So what are you waiting for just put the ignition on and zoom now.

5. Chandigarh- Shimla 113 Kms

What a fantastic way to start your road trip when you start it from one of the most beautiful and planned city of India, Chandigarh.

Statutory warning “Drinking & Driving is Dangerous”.


Also, a road trip through the Kalka Expressway is quite an experience along side the Himalayan queen railway track. It takes you to the Beautiful city of Shimla where you can spend a quality time. Also, if you like to hangout with people around you then arrive on the Ridge at the Mall Road, sit back in the aweinspiring view of the Old church out there.


Furthermore, if you are fond of Snow walk , just ride a little far from there and reach an amazing place called the Kufri. If you are luck enough and the god is happy then you will suirely get a chance to witness snow. So, let do it guys, get going this is your perfect roadtrip to the mountains.

6. Mumbai- Lonavla 84 Kms

If you are stuck in the hustle and bustle of extreme city life, then a a weekend get away can be ever refreshing for you. A short roadtrip to Lonavla from Mumbai is simply superb one.


Also, from the beauty of the Bhushi Dam on the Indrayani River to the refreshing view of the Tiger point, and the street food here is simply lip smacking. Moreover, a lot of tourist flock here in the weekend so it is advisable to avoid travelling here in at the weekends.

7. Darjeeling- Nathula Pass 150 Kms

You are simply going to get awestruck just by being on the road to Nathula Pass. You will find everything on the road here, the journey becomes your destination here.


Moreover, Nathula pass is the same place from where the famous silk route use to operate till the year 1962. The mega valley, the snow capped mountain and the high altitude motorable road just makes adrenaline rush through your nerves.


Statutory Warning: A high altitude of an average of 14000 Ft means a significant oxygen deficit, it is advisable to carry Acetazolamide Tablet.


Furthermore, en route you can visit the mesmerising city of Gangtok, The Indo- China border. A permit to visit Nathula is provided only to the Indian citizen and trespass is open only from Wednesday- Sunday.

8. Bangalore- Goa 560 Kms

Well for all the travel lovers out there, it would be considered a crime to not make it to this trip. Some of the finest roads in India lies on this stretch. While on the trip you get a chance to visit the highest waterfall in India ‘The Jog Fall’.


Also, a very few are familiar with a place called Sigandur in this part of the Karnataka. It is a beautiful lake which you have to cross by boat. The most fascinating part of the visit to Sigandur Lake is that you can even transport your Vehicle Car/ Bike. Whatever it may be on the boat, and drive a little to reach a famous temple in the Abyss.


Moreover, en route to Goa you also get a chance to experience the most beautiful Rail section in the country. With a little extra effort you can reach the Braganza Ghat Section close to the Castle Rock Railway Station. Gear up guys get ready to indulge in the sheer beauty of nature.

9. Kolkata- Digha 163

Considered to be the paradise of the east India, a road trip to Digha from Kolkata is perfect outing. This seaside resort is nothing short of the beaches at Goa. A trip to Digha is an ideal outing for people having busy schedule.

10. Vizag- Araku Valley 116 Kms

This road trip takes you to some of the most prominent sites to be explored in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Araku valley is home to a rich biodiversity, while on a ride you can indulge deep into the nature. On one side of the road you will find amazing beaches and on the other side you will find green mountains.


A trip in the monsoon is highly recommended if you are fond of driving in rain. A visit to some of the coffee plantation is as charming as you could imagine.

11. Shillong- Mawsynram 62 kms

Welcome to the Queen of seven sisters, Shillong is also know as the Scotland of the East. Mawsynram is very close to the famous Cherapunji. If you are a lover of the rain then this is the place for you to be. Also, while on a roadtrip you would love the way god has created this place. It has pristine beauty, a small less travelled village is how we describe this place.

12. Mumbai- Goa 587 Kms

This is the trip for life from the beauty of the mountains to the Shower of some of the best Waterfall, the serene greenery to the tantalising beaches of  Goa, a hell lot of activities. Its all up to you what to choose meanwhile your trip, blessed with one of the best and most beautiful in the Country its a trip worth every penny you spend on exploring it. This is one of those trips that can prove to you that it is not about the destination, but about the journey to reach there.

13. Patna- Kathmandu 336 Kms

This is perhaps the most exciting roadtrip that can be taken India, just beacuse its a cross country trip, and the only trip included in the list which crosses the international boundaries. Kathmandu is truly and international destination for all adventure lovers and shoppers. In the foothills of the great Mount Everest you get to experience more about the culture there.

14. Delhi- Agra via Vrindavan 254

What do i say about this trip, the world knows everything about the masterpiece that lies at the destination of this roadtrip, a monument beyond comparison, when you go there you get a thousand reasons to get impressed by the human acomplishment attained till date. Meanwhile a stop to the famous land of Lord Krishna is a must visit, Vrindavan played on eof the most significant place in Lord Krishna’s life. the road from Delhi to Agra is considered to be the best high speed expressway in India.

15. Chennai- Pondicherry 155 Kms

The road trip is magnificent just as you reach the Portuguese Colonial settlement, a lot many thing to do and experience here. From the refreshing beaches to the ashram of Auroville you can find mental peace and rejuvenation everywhere here. Moreover, the beauty of the city lies in its architecture and built, apart from this as you know its a Union Territory of India you find almost every essential thing for a Roadie which is mad cheap here, from Booze to Gas everything. Statutory Warning: Drinking While driving is Dangerous. Enjoy Responsibly, Hehe.

16. Bangalore- Coorg Via Mysore 240 Kms

From the Garden city to the Garden of gods, this roadtrip is tailormade for all who finds love in the purity of nature. A short visit to the Palatial city of mysore is always recommended. As you reach the district of Kodagu, Coorg you will find the aroma of purest coffee everywhere.


Moreover, the best way to exprerience the real coorg is to go for a homestay in the coffee plantation and its cheap too. Enroute to Coorg it is suggested to take a brief visit to the Tibetan Refuge of Bylakuppe and taste some tibetan cuisine in the local restaurants in the vicinity.

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