Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, Lucknow | Timings, Fees, Best Time to Visit


Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is situated in Unnao District on the Kanpur-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh, India. Recently in 2015, this bird sanctuary was renamed as Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary.


It consists of a lake and beautiful surrounding environment. The sanctuary also provides home for 250 species of migratory birds. And it also houses a deer park, watchtowers and boats.


It is a must visit place for bird lovers. You can spot various residential as well as migratory birds. Woodpecker, Parakeet, Coot, Common Teal, Shoveller, Pochard are some of the prime attractions of this bird sanctuary.


Apart from this you can see Peacock, Spotwill, Painted Stork, White Ibis, Whistling Teal, Bronze winged Jacana etc. You can also see snakes, fishes and other kinds of reptiles as well.




Visiting Hours: 10am – 5pm


Entry Fees: INR 30 (Indians) and INR 350 (Foreigners)

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