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  • Passport** (original) with 06 months valid passport upon arrival in Malaysia .
  • Visa Application Form (back to back print)
  • 03 recent colored passport size photographs adhered to the form (35 mm by 5 mm high without border and taken within last 3 month taken full face 70% & shoulder is also show in snap without headgear on against a plain white background with matt finish & .).
  • Confirmed returned air-ticket (back to back )
  • Covering letter
  • Personal Bank statements for last 03 months till date (Self OR Sponsor) with original Endorsement   from Bank and support letter from Sponsor stating relationship to applicant (exception for minors 17 years and below)>>> whose applicant travelling first time outside the country  or new passport with no prior travel stamps
  • Need front page passport copy .
  • If  business purpose than invitation letter and covering letter on Indian company letter head are also required other than the above mentioned requirements
  • Effective 03rd January 2017 Kindly note whose applicants with passport not issued from North and East India need to submit at least one of the mandatory documents listed below as an address proof of North and East India.
  • Copy of Aadhaar card (Both sides)
  • Lease and License Agreement
  • Utility Bill
  • Original Society letter
  • Bank statements
  • Original letter from the company OR school/collage/ institution
  • The photograph must be in colour.
  • It should be without border.
  • It should have a white background only.
  • It should have a close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 60% – 70% of the photograph.
  • It should be in sharp focus and clean.
  • It should be of high quality with no ink marks and creases.
  • The photograph must show you looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling, with the mouth closed.
  • It should be 3.5 cm X5 cm.(For applicants applying in Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Pune the specification of Photograph required would be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with clear view of neck and shoulders & 70% face appearance along with white background)
  • It should show your skin tone naturally.
  • It should have appropriate brightness and contrast.
  • The photograph should be a recent one not more than 3 months old.
  • It is to be taken without headgear.
  • Photograph can be taken with headgear, after consideration on case to case basis if the applicant wears headgear on religious grounds. The main characteristics of the face must be apparent from the photograph. Chin, nose, eyes and eyebrows must not be covered, the forehead should be uncovered to the extent that the shape of the face is apparent.
  • It should be without hat/cap.
  • It should be without the applicant’s hair tucked behind his/her ears.
  • The photograph should not have any staple marks.
  • Scanned and color photocopies would not be accepted.

Malaysia is one of the 62 countries that Indian citizens can travel to with a visa on arrival. Also, you can apply for Malaysia tourist ENTRI visa or a Malaysian eVisa before you book your tickets as well.

Malaysia E visa requirements to start process 

  • Passport** (Photocopy) with 06 months valid passport upon arrival in Malaysia  by mail
  • 01 recent colored (clicked) photographs adhered to the form (35 mm by 5 mm high without border and taken within last 3 month taken full face 70% & shoulder is also show in snap without headgear on against a plain white background with matt finish & .) by mail  (Max Size 1MB)
  • Confirmed returned air-reservation by mail
  • Confirmed returned air-reservation by mail
  • Last Entry and Exit  Stamp  of previous Malaysia (PDF FORMAT ONLY) if have  by mail
  • Accommodation Docs PDF by mail
  • Other Docs PDF by mail



Visa valid for  single journey to Malaysia within 3 months from date hereof, provided that this passport remains valid and stay will be 30 days from Date of issue



The requirements given are subject to change without notice.

  • The charges quoted above are provisional and subject to change without notice.
  • Documents of visa received before 5:30pm will be processed on the same calender day. All documents received after 05:30pm will be processed on the next working day.
  • It must be noted that grant or refusal of visa is at the sole discretion of the Embassy and IML Travel is neither involved in the process nor is liable or responsible in any manner.
  • The Embassy/ consulate also reserves the right to ask for further documentation / personal appearance at any time during the processing of the application.
  • We will not be liable for the Delay in processing by the Consulate/Embassy.
  • Visa fees/charges are non-refundable of the mostly countries. Whatsoever, the applicant accepts that IML Travel Services is not responsible for any delay in processing or granting or rejection of the visa application by the Embassy

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