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Boathouses are one of the best things on the pristine backwaters of Kerala. The best way to experience the lake’s multiple facets is to glide through the waters on some of the best houseboats in Alleppey.


Moreover, the exquisite network of waterways is really appealing to the eye. Traditionally, these backwaters were used for public transport. Now they are venue for numerous annual events.


In fact, one of them is the snake boat race. The palm-fringed lake offers exotic views. The biodiversity you see and experience is unique and confined only to this blessed land.

Grandeur Houseboats

Currently, Alleppey is a popular destination in Kerala. It is highly sought-after for honeymoon tours, backwater trips, personal vacations and corporate outings.


Also, Grandeur Houseboats have been the front running houseboat service in Alleppey from a long time and with the best houseboats in Alleppey. The cruise line of this service has all types of houseboats.Excellent accommodation facilities are characteristic of these dream floating homes.


Moreover, all houseboats have bath-attached rooms, lounge, kitchen, oarsmen, cooking personnel and tour guides. Rooms in houseboats range from one to six bedrooms. Also, a leisure trip on any of these floating masterpieces is an opportunity to see the undulating scenery that pervades Alleppey.


Whilst exploring the lake, you are docked frequently at various places.You alight at the serene pit-stops to explore the local villages. The local culture will amaze you. Furthermore, the cleanliness and pristine appearance of people are a sight to behold. The culture is perfectly suited to the natural grandeur of this region.

Johnson’s Eco Houseboats

This is one of the unique houseboat services in Alleppey. Houseboat service companies such as these become a strong reason to visit the backwaters of Alleppey. For long this region was only a fringe backwater destination.


Johnson’s Eco Houseboats carry forward the torch of honour that Alleppey has gained by offering luxury houseboats in Alleppey.

Also, it carries forward the legacy of this picturesque region with outstanding customer service. The service has more than a thousand houseboats in operation.


In fact, overnight trips around Alleppey are the ultimate means to experience togetherness of blissful solitude. The diverse and scenic backdrop of this enchanting region regales and refreshes you.


There are daily trips between Alleppey and Kollam here. Also, traversing between these destinations takes about eight hours. In these eight hours you experience ecstasy like no other.

Prasanthy Houseboats

This houseboat service delivers comprehensive house-boating services including taxi services as well. You can get sumptuous food cooked from on-boat chefs during the journey. The houseboat service allows you to capture the essence of Alleppey.Prasanthy Houseboats are preferred by locals, national, and international visitors alike.


Moreover, you can book online on their website by filling in the form and submitting it. It is the most secluded place to experience tender moments of togetherness. You can see schools, churches and markets.


Also, the locals traverse these waters using their private boats. For once you feel that you have reached Venice. Indeed, Alleppey is called the Venice of the East.

Angel Queen Houseboats

Angel Queen Houseboats is one of the most popular houseboat services in Alleppey. Providing excellent tariffs and rates, bookings are open at this houseboat service at all times during the year.


Moreover, there is no season or off-season when it comes to giving you a fulfilling houseboat experience. The booking rates also incorporate tasty Kerala culinary delights.


The houseboat service welcomes nature lovers to experience the celestial beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. You can enjoy, relax, and visit the different aspects of the backwaters. The diverse terrain provides scenic delights that you can see and relish.

Rainbow Cruises

Located in Alleppey, this houseboat captures the essence of the Venice of the East, which is Alleppey. Sailing on the backwaters, there are more than 900 km of waterways to be explored.


The houseboat traverses only a small fraction of this distance. Along the way you experience the diverse ecosystem of the terrain and the lake in general. Rivers meet the sea.


Freshwater confluences with the sea water of the Arabian Sea. Gold Star rated, this houseboat company is one of the finest in Kerala. A floating vacation on these backwaters is anyone’s idea of a dream honeymoon or vacation.

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