10 Most Amazing Jaipur Tourist Attractions, Rajasthan

Jaipur is the city for you as it gives an insight into the lifestyle of the bygone era.


Passionate about the royal palaces and splendid architecture? Jaipur is where you need to be on your next vacation!


Jaipur’s palaces-turned heritage hotels are where you need to stay for a lifetime experience. If you desire to experience the flamboyant lifestyle of the past rulers even if it’s only for a few days.


Moreover, take a royal ride on the majestic elephants.

In fact, you can customise the rides according to your preference; take elephant rides on jungles, through villages, in Biological Park and many more.

Jaipur Tourist Attractions

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Jaipur Tourist Attractions


City Palace

The ‘City Palace’ is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jaipur. Also, it is located in the heart of the city.


It showcases a unique combination of Mughal, Rajput and European styles of architecture with an array of courtyards, gardens and special structures. In fact, they are built inside the palace complex.


The City Palace gives you a deep insight into the magnificent architectural skills of the designers and engineers of the bygone era.

Hawa Mahal

A stunning presentation of the rich architectural expertise of the past, you cannot miss Hawa Mahal when you’re visiting Jaipur.

In fact, this five-storey building does not have steps. Slopes connect the storeys.


Moreover, it is said that the Mahal was constructed to enable the Royal women of Rajput family to view the happenings in the city.

Amber Fort and Palace

Also known as Amer Fort. It is located in Amer, which is around 11 kilometers from Jaipur. Around half an hour’s drive from the city center, Amber Fort is set on a hill top overlooking Maota Lake.


Originally, it was the home of Rajput royalty until Jaipur city was constructed.


It consists of a number of marvellous palaces, halls, gardens, and temples. Inside, the elaborate mirror work adds to the grandeur. To reach the fort, you can either walk up the hill, go in a jeep, or take a lurching elephant ride.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Built during the period of Maharaja Jai Singh II, the astronomical observatory has the largest sundial of the world.


Each structure at the intriguing Jantar Mantar observatory has a specialized astronomical function.


There are 14 structures in total, which measure time, predict eclipses, and track stars. Boasting of the brilliant architectural, astronomical and cosmological concepts of Sawai Jai Singh, the observatory is indeed an astronomical heritage of the city.

Dera Amer Elephant Safari

If you are keen to engage the adventurous spirit in you, the hills behind Amer fort is the perfect place. Dera Amer is situated at the foothills of Aravali Range.


You will enjoy the elephant safari in the serene atmosphere. The ride will take you through fields, fortress and to the camp in the middle of Aravali forests. The picturesque landscape and the scintillating beauty of the forest will elevate your spirits.

Nahargarh Fort

Overlooking the city of Jaipur, ‘Nahargarh Fort’ is another stunning masterpiece of Jaipur.


Also known as Tiger Fort, it is perched high on the rugged Aravali Hills overlooking the city. The skyline above the fort revels in glory when the fort is floodlit in the night; you have to be there yourself to witness this magical scene with your own eyes.

Jaigarh Fort

Overlooking the ‘Amber Fort’ and ‘Maota Lake’, the ‘Jaigarh Fort’ stands tall atop the ‘Cheel Ka Teela’ hill in the Aravali range.


To protect the Amber fort and Jaipur city from invaders of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaigarh fort was made as a shield.


This magnificent structure of the fort boasts of the opulence of the Rajput rulers. One of the best sightseeing places in Jaipur, a visit to this grand fort cannot be missed during your family vacation in this historic city.

Jal Mahal

Also known as the ‘Water Palace’, ‘Jal Mahal’ is situated right in the heart of the ‘Man Sagar Lake’, flanked by the delightful Nahargarh Hills. Unique location and stunning beauty of the palace makes it one of the best photographic sites in Jaipur. It’s one heck of a sight when in the evenings, the palace gets illuminated with thousands of flood lights reflecting on the waters of the lake.

Kanak Vrindavan

Also popularly known as the ‘Kanak Ghati’ amongst the locals, ‘Kanak Vrindavan’ is a lovely garden built in a breath taking valley surrounded by the hills of the Aravali range. With lush green manicured lawns, series of elegant fountains lined up along the pathways, statues of Lord Krishna, Radha and other gopis depicting the scenes from Krishna-Radha Raslila and intricate carvings and an incomparable marble work inside the garden complex; the beauty of ‘Kanak Vrindavan’ is indescribable and can surely leave you spellbound. Owing to its divine beauty, ‘Kanak Vrindavan’ was chosen as an ideal spot for shooting of the famous Bollywood movie, Lamhe.

Birla Mandir

Located at the foot of the ‘Moti Dungari’ hill in Jaipur, ‘Birla Mandir’ is a great piece of beauty and splendour. Built by the famous industrialist family of Birlas in 1988, the name of the temple is prefixed with the word ‘Birla’. You ought not to miss the breath-taking splendour of the temple when it glows with thousands of lights in the evenings.


This is just a glimpse of the large array of royal heritage Jaipur has to offer. There’s so much more to do and see here. You can plan your next trip for the Golden Triangle here.

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