Is Egypt Safe to Travel? – Crime Rate, Role of Govt. & Media *Updated* (8)

Is Egypt  Safe to Travel?

Are you planning a trip to Egypt? Confused whether it is safe or not? Well, let me help you out.


I understand that through news and magazines some people feel that Egypt is an unsafe country. But that is not true. Your trip to Egypt will change this perception. We can surely say that based on our own experiences and providing facilities to thousands of customers. There are no safety or security issues in the wonderful country of Egypt.


Role of Government


Generally speaking, the people of Egypt are very friendly and helpful. They will always be ready to help in case any tourist needs assistance. Government of Egypt provides escorts where they think the place is a little unsafe. You will find special police officers wearing a badge which says “Tourism Police”.  They make sure that the place is safe and unlike other Egyptian police, these officers speak English.


At the beginning of your sightseeing people inform about you about the destination and take a check if you reached safely. Government also ensures that tourist passports and documents are checked, so that any illegal person cannot enter the country.




Crime rates are very less in the country especially when we talk about muggings and robberies.


But the only problem which tourists can face is pickpockets. This is the only problem that Egypt Government is facing. But as compared to other countries where terrorism is concerned, Egypt is much safer. Most of the country’s economy depends upon Tourism that is why the Government makes sure that no incidences or such crime takes place. This can create a bad image in the minds of tourists as well other countries.




As we all already know, that “media controls our minds’”. We sometimes get influenced by the news and believe them in whatever they say or show. Egypt is not a war-zone and people should not fear for their life. But the media has portrayed the country in such a manner that people believe that it is not safe for travelling. The media does not tell or show people that the violence is restricted to a few kilometres and not all around the country.


Political Situation


Since 2011, Egypt has experienced political instability. This has affected the tourism and number of tourists coming to the country. Many protests, marches and demonstrations occur across Egypt. If you are in the city and are aware of these protests, then you are advised to immediately leave the city. Keep a check on news on television or radio. Also you must take advice from hotel authorities and tour operators. “Prevention is better than Cure”. Agree?


 Road and Rail Travel


Many accidents have taken place due to poor conditions of the roads and railway tracks.  To avoid such accidents, you must avoid independent road travel and observe the speed limit. Make sure that you have proper insurance and avoid travelling at night time.


Did You Know?  Overcrowding and poor safety standards of sea travel have led to several accidents Red Sea ferries and Nile cruisers.

On 11 August 2017, two trains collided in Alexandria and killed at least 36 people. On 28 February 2017, two trains collided and killed at 15 people. Many people were injured in Beheira province, close to Cairo.


Egypt is an amazing country, full of charm, historic sites and much more. Therefore, your overall focus should be on travelling and sightseeing rather than worrying about the security and hazards that might happen.


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