The History of Kachwaha Rajputs | Kachwaha Caste | Indian Clan


The Kachwaha is a group or a community that has originated in India.


History of Kachwaha Rajputs


Generally, they were a peasant community who were considered as Shudras (lower caste people). Nonetheless, they were skilled agriculturalists.


In the late 20th century, Kachwaha or Kushwaha people began claiming that they were a Rajput clan. They stated that they were descents from Kusha, a son of mythological avatar of Lord Vishnu, Rama.

This enabled their claim to be of the Suryavansh Dynasty but it is just a myth that originated in the 20th century.


Rule and History of Kachwaha Rajputs:

The Kachwaha Rajputs ruled a number of kingdoms and princely state such as Alwar, Amber (now Jaipur), Maihar and Talcher in India. Also, the King or Maharaja of Jaipur is regarded as the head of the extended clan of Kachhwaha.


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