10 Reasons Why French Girls Are The Best | Dating French Women

Let’s investigate why french girls are the best in the world.


French Girls

1. She Can Cook Like A Pro!

French women are well versed in the art of culinary excellence and we actually enjoy it! Moreover, aside from making perfect meals and treats, your French girlfriend is a great host who will make your home inviting to the most demanding guests.

Don’t agree? Try it yourself!

2. She Will Always Be Thin

The worst fear of a French women is actually not that our partner will ever cheat on us (if that happens, nothing we can do about it, plus we have options), but it is to gain weight.


In fact, 80% of them declare that they watch their weight. Also, French women are among the thinnest in Europe, and they maintain a healthy regimen to make sure it stays that way.

3. You’ll Actually Want to Introduce Her To Your Parents

Bugfree-French-Girls (3)

French girls are well-read, well-traveled and often multilingual. Moreover, they are educated, cultured and open-minded – and they, for sure, have great stories to tell. Therefore, that makes her the perfect girl to invite to a family dinner if you want your parents to respect your dating choices.

4. She Has A Great Sense of Style

French women are often taken as beauty role models throughout the world. And rightly so: aside from being the perfect fashionista, she takes good care of her when it comes to hair, nails and skin care. However, unlike girls from other countries though, her beauty routine is natural and her world doesn’t rotate around it: odds are high you won’t hear her talk about her lip glosses and mascaras very often.

5. There Is No Drama Involved

Sure, Latin girls are insanely beautiful, but the chances are high that you are embarking on a serious roller coaster. Also, conversely, French women are down-to-earth and responsible – without being docile.

6. You Will Become More Mature and Sophisticated

French women have high expectations when it comes to the company they keep. Moreover, they do know how to have fun, but manners and self-respect matter a lot to us. Hence, they would not like it if our partner didn’t carry himself properly and prefer gentlemen to ill-behaving frat boys.

7. She Is Independent and Straightforward

French girls are taught to be confident, strong and to express their opinions in groups. In fact, they learn to debate and their entire culture is built around this: if she feels differently than you, she will tell it like it is and talk it out. In addition, they believe that communication is very important in relationships.

8. You’ve Never Had a Real French Kiss Until You’ve Been Kissed By A French Girl

What they say is true – the French really do it better. In fact, there is a reason why ‘a French kiss’ is called ‘a French kiss’, and your French girlfriend will very likely teach you a thing or two in that department as well.

9. We Are Great In The Bed

French women are sexually liberated and always like to try new things. In fact, they have a very healthy, non-judgemental attitude towards sex and they believe that what happens behind closed doors is no one’s business. The result? We can actually let ourselves go with our chosen partner. Also – who can better play a French Maid than an actual French girl?

10. People Will Love It When You Tell Them That Your Girlfriend is ‘From France’

They may be a bit old-fashioned, but France still benefits from a positive image around the world – ‘made in France’ is a great marketing tactic in the luxury world. Similarly, people will usually picture good things, like sophistication and elegance when you will tell them that your latest conquest is ‘French’.

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