4,000 years old Egyptian Tomb now open to public!

Did you hear about the 4,000 year old Egyptian Tomb that just recently got open to public?


Let me give you the good news then.


Egypt opened the doors of a 4,000-year-old tomb to the public on Saturday 15, 2018. However, people say that the tomb was hidden from them for more than 80 years!


Surprisingly, it is one of the most beautiful Egyptian Tombs located in Saqqara near Giza, Cairo.

What is the name of the Tomb?


The tomb is known as The Tomb of Mehu. And i think after its opening, people may recall this as the “4,000 year old tomb”.



To whom did it belong?


Mehu, one of the top officials (under the rule of King Pepi I (Sixth dynasty) is buried in this tomb along with his son Meren Ra and his grandson Heteb Kha, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

It is said that this was his resting place.


Who was he?


To my surprise, he was a vizier, the chief of the judges and director of this tomb at the time of King Pepi I.

Who found the tomb Mehu?


Originally, Egyptologist Zaki Saad founded the tomb in the year 1940. But it was kept a secret till date. Not fair!


What is so interesting about this tomb? Why should you visit?


You will not believe when I say that, it has one of the most beautiful wall carvings!

Tomb Mehu has two beautiful chambers with amazing wall designs. They show different parts of Mehu’s life like hunting, cooking, fishing, and graceful dances.

They are so colourful that it will urge you to take a lot of pictures. And of course who can forget the selfies!

Also, there is a display of marriage of two “crocodiles”. I mean isn’t that hilarious! 😛


Fact: This Egyptian Tomb was under a huge restoration process before its opening. However, this was done to enhance tourists and visitors experience. How thoughtful of them, right?


In addition, colors in the wall paintings were retouched to give them a fresh look along with a great lightening system in the tomb.

What was the purpose behind the opening of this Egyptian Tomb?


According to the Egypt Tourism Ministry, the tomb of Mehu was opened in an effort to convince the tourists that Egypt is safe and secure for visitors.


Reason behind this step?


You have probably heard about the ‘Arab Spring 2011’ (a complete wave of protests). This left a large impact on the Egypt Tourism Industry.


United Nations World Tourism Organization stated that the rate of tourists visiting Egypt dropped from 14 million (international tourists arrival, 2010) to 5.3 million (2016). This was a big downfall that Egypt couldn’t handle (but eventually they did).

Thankfully, it was recovered in 2017. Egypt Tourism jumped up to 8.2 million foreign tourists’ arrivals, as per UNWTO data.





In conclusion, you have all the information that you need about the ancient Tomb Mehu. Now it’s the time to actually visit Egypt and see the beauty yourselves!

Moreover, you never know which another amazing monument you came across next!


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