Egyptian Pyramids – HISTORY Of Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


Want to know History of Pyramids? How they came into existence?


Don’t urge to read an entire thesis? Then read this blog. It will briefly explain how they came into the picture of Egyptian history.


As we know, Egyptian civilisation is known to be one of the richest and powerful civilisations in the world. Also, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exists. After more than 4,000 years, Egypt still has its majesty giving people a glimpse of their rich and glorious past.


Ancient Egyptians


  1. Pyramids had been built all over the world but they do not have the majestic charm like these “Egyptian Pyramids”.


  1. The pharaoh or kings were believed to be chosen by gods to serve as mediators. It was a deal between the god and the people living on the earth. So, it became the duty of the people to serve their pharaoh even after they become Osiris, the god of the dead.


  1. The early Egyptian people believed that a part of their pharaoh’s spirit (known as `ka’) remained with them. Therefore, their bodies were mummified and goods like furniture, food, vessels and gold ornaments were buried along with him that would help him in his afterlife.


  1. The relatives of the pharaoh’s were also buried around the complex who would join and help them in the afterlife as well.


Did You Know?


The oldest Pyramid in the Egyptian history is ‘The Step Pyramid’ . It was built by Imhotep, the chief architect of Djoser (the third dynasty’s king) at Saqqara in the 27th century BC.

It has steps on both sides of the pyramid.

Also, before these pyramids, they were known as “mastabas”, where local people were buried.



The “true” pyramid was ‘the Red Pyramid’ at Dashur. It was one of the three burial built for the Sneferu (the first king of the fourth dynasty).

This pyramid was made with limestone blocks and was smooth sided, not stepped.

The smooth side was made for an ease for the pharaoh to transfer to the heaven and then come back to earth.



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