Egyptian Perfume: Ancient Egyptian Oils | History and Its Uses

Who doesn’t like to smell good? I don’t!

Everyone likes to be around people who smell good. No one likes filthy smells. Perfume or any kind of fragrance is just a step further towards cleanliness.


You must be wondering why I am talking about perfume and fragrances suddenly? Well, I was just going through my vanity and came across perfumes I bought 3 months back from the perfume factory in Aswan. And what that means? An interesting blog!!


Did You Know?   In ancient Egypt, the fragrances were considered to be sweat of the sun god, Ra. Also, because it was a costly substance, only royalty would wear it.


Three months back, I took a trip to the amazing city of Aswan, Egypt. Really! It was a culture that I had never seen before. It was something different, something unique. As a curious person that I am, I like to know more about the Egyptian monuments and culture.


I would like to bring to your attention that I am a sucker for perfumes and pleasant fragrances! Eventually or I must say obviously, on the 3rd day of my tour, my guide and I visited very famous perfume factory everyone was talking about back at home. It was called Essence of Life Al Fayed. It seemed not so big and great from outside but as I entered, omg! The aroma in the factory just took me to another world.


The shelves inside the factory were filled with bottles of unique and different perfumes. Let me tell you, it’s a HEAVEN of Perfumes! The tables placed at the side of the sofas had these small crystal-like showpieces like swans, some ancient Egyptian things and much more.

There were many tourists with us trying to figure out which one to choose. We made our self comfortable on one of the red sofas. The sales person brought us the most amazing hibiscus drink. That was really very delicious! I hope I would have had one more cup! He also asked us what kind of smells we prefer. I told him that I like not so strong but pleasant smelling perfumes. At least from what I know.


He brought 30 different bottles and placed in front of us. The perfumes were in crystal clear bottles which was aesthetically pleasing (at least to me!). When I tested the first one, it blew my mind! It was so amazing that I can’t even tell you. I wish you could smell it too! It was 49-Sandalwood (this is how the names are written on the bottles). I tested at least 10-12 bottles and finally bought 4 bottles of perfume and 3 essential oils to take along with me. He greeted us very warmly and then we took off.

Just in case if you are wondering on which perfume I got my hands on?

I bought 48-Eucalyptus, 49-SandalWood, 58-watercress, and 38-Ramsis.


Obviously, I did not open the package then and there as it was completely taped. I mailed back to home. When I arrived back at my home, I opened the package and saw 5 instead of 4 bottles of perfumes. There was an extra bottle in my package. It was 47-Mint. To my surprise, it was quite amazing as well. I guess I am lucky then!  These essential oils have helped me in my joint pain and just to relax in general.


I would totally recommend it to you guys. Try it!


If you ever visit Aswan or Egypt in general, you need to check out this place. It is so cool and full of wonderful fragrances that you will buy like a crazy person! Like I did!



How to Reach:  Take a taxi or a private car to the outskirts of the Aswan city to reach the perfume factory.


What to Expect: Amazing hibiscus drink and lots and lots of perfumes. The fragrances will blow your mind!


Weather:  The weather is generally hot and dry. So, your travel clothing should be light and comfortable.


What to carry: Sun block, a hat, a carry-on bag, and water bottles.


Currency:  Egyptian Pound (EGP)


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