10 Authentic Egyptian Cuisines: Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink

First of all, Egyptian foods is not that fancy and secondly, it is difficult to find in any other country. Ancient Egyptians were always liked vegetarian dishes alongside fruits and legumes.

Moreover, they liked a variety of garlic, onions, radish, cabbages and lettuce as well as fruits like plums, melons, oranges etc. Of course, non-vegetarian dishes, like duck, pigeon, chicken) were eaten by the rich people. However, they were a luxury item for the poor.


Take a look at the list of some unique and lip-smacking Egyptian foods that will tempt your taste buds.

1. Ta’meya:


First of all, it is among the very common foods in Egypt. It is made of crushed fava beans paste and then fried. However, this dish is cheap and full of flavors. What you call falafel (in English), Egyptian’s call it Ta’meya. It is generally eaten at breakfast.

2. Kushari:


Firstly, is it Kushari or Koshary? You decide. Secondly, it is a traditional Egyptian dish consisting of rice, lentils and macaroni garnished with onions and chickpeas. (Optional: You can also serve it with tomato sauce).

3. Fattah:


Fattah is a dish made of rice, meat, bread crumbs, sprinkled with spicy sauce of garlic and vinegar. (Egyptian version of Biryani!) However, it is made only on special occasion like Ramadan, the Muslim festival. It is also cooked on the birth of a baby or to rejoice the pregnancy of a woman.

4. Konafa:


It is an Egyptian sweet dish and it can be made in many ways. Generally, it is served with thin noodles. The modern day Konafa is made with Nutella (chocolate) or mango. Similarly, like Fattah, it is eaten on the special occasion of Ramadan.


5. Sayadeya:


Sayadeya is a sea food dish which is made with white fish, bluefish or mullet. Generally, it is cooked with rice and tomato sauce and then baked in some earthenware. When in Alexandria, Suez or Port Said, Sayadeya is a must.


6. Baladi Bread:


It is one dish that Egyptian’s cannot do without. The bread is flat made with whole wheat and bran. Traditionally, it is baked in a wooden oven. But nowadays, it is made in gas burning oven. You can enjoy the bread on its own or with other foods.


7. Besarah:


This is among the Egyptian foods that are known since ancient times. It is a vegetarian dish made with parsley, leek, crushed fava beans, onions, green bell pepper and more herbs and spices. However, when cooked, it turns out to be a paste-like dip and tastes best when eaten with Baladi Bread.


8. Baba Ghanoush:


Egyptian people like it next to their breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is made of grilled eggplant. Then, it is added to Tahini (condiment). In addition, lemon juice, peppers, cumin, salt are other spices. This is very common in Egypt and basically served with Fattah, fishes or Shawarma.


9. Shakshouka:


Shakshouka is the main dish among Arab people. Moreover, it is a dish of poached eggs cooked with tomato sauce, peppers and onion along with other condiments.


10. Bamia:


Bamia is a famous Middle Eastern dish. Its primary ingredients are lamb, okra and tomatoes. Common spices are added to it like many other foods.

Fact: The word ‘Bamia’ is the Arabic word for okra (ladyfinger).

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