Explore Thrilling Egypt Nightlife! – Nightclubs, bars, cafes and more

Who doesn’t like partying with friends or family? Right. I like it too! And if you are visiting Egypt, you cannot miss the amazing Egypt nightlife.


Cairo being the largest and the most wonderful city has a lot to offer at day as well night time.

As we all know, Egypt is a Arab Muslim country and so there are some rules and regulations, especially for women if they are going out at night.


That being said, Egypt is full of life and you will surely find fine restaurants, clubs, discos, casinos and bars to entertain yourself while you are in the country.


Best time to explore Egypt Nightlife


Egypt is full of amazing coffee shops and local places to hangout that are open until early hours of the morning serving food, shisha and hot beverages making Egypt Nightlife more happening.


And in case you are not a party person, do check out the amazing boat ride in the Nile River at nighttime. Or watch a movie as the cinemas are opened late night.


When I was in Cairo with my college friend, she asked me to explore Egypt Nightlife. So, we stayed up till 2 am to get coffee. There was a local place in Cairo which served the most amazing coffee. And I am sure even if you have the most delicious coffee place at your hometown, you haven’t sip into this type of coffee. It was delightful!!


Nightclubs in Cairo


You will be more than happy to know that major hotels throughout Egypt have nightclubs.


TOURIST INTEREST:  Zamalek district is the main nightclub area in Cairo. It is full of clubs, bars, discos etc. Anything you name and it is right in front of you.


Now coming to the clubs and discos, they start to get full around 10pm and most of them close at 2am. You can open your club till 4am only if you have a tourism license.


I went to a club named Jazz Club in Cairo. It was the place for a crazy night out. We heard the best bands in town and it was a honor to watch these bands performing live. We stayed at the bar till 3:30am. And then after having tea at a local stall, we went back to our hotel. What a crazy night it was! (Many Egyptian men at the streets were looking at me very strangely as if they are going to eat me!)


Many clubs organise special belly dancing performances especially for tourists. You can enjoy the dance over a traditional Egyptian meal which consists of rice, lentils and macaroni.


If you are a true party animal, then definitely check out these clubs to explore Egypt’s Nightlife.

  • Jazz Club
  • Shahrazad
  • Crimson Cairo
  • Cairo Cellar
  • The Tap
  • Zigzag, etc.


TIP: Women should avoid hanging out at night time as it is not very common in Egypt.




Typically, there are only two types of bars: traditional Egyptian bars known as ‘cafeterias’ and another one are the Western Style bars.


Most bars in Cairo only allow male customers to enter (that’s something I don’t understand but it’s their culture). If you are a male, then must go into one of these bars and enjoy the most delicious coffee and tea that you will cherish.


Stella, an alcoholic beverage is the most famous local beer in Egypt. Give it a try!


Some popular bars are:

  • El Horreya
  • L’Aubergine
  • Pub 28, etc.

What to wear in Egypt?


Let me tell you the very basics of visiting a conservative country, DO NOT EXPOSE!!!


For women, there is an entirely different set of rules when it comes to dressing. What I mean by this is that do not wear anything revealing. Do not show your arms and legs or cleavage. Avoid wearing shorts and skirts (Especially at night).


As far as men are concerned, they like to dress smart. They wear long pants and shoes.


You can wear long or half sleeve shirts, long skirts or their traditional clothing. Covering your head or wearing Hijab (veil/headscarf) is not necessary for women.


I hope know you know the best places to hangout, what or what not to wear and take full advantage of Egypt’s nightlife!


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