Can INDIAN RUPEES & US DOLLARS used in Egypt? – Currency in Egypt


Is it okay to take your currency to Egypt or not?


In most cases, don’t change your money before you come to Egypt. It is easy for main currencies to get changed.


But for some currencies like Indian Rupees (INR), you should change it into main currency (Sterling Pound, USD etc) first and then, bring it along to Egypt.


Indian Rupees does not appear on Egyptian banks list amongst the currencies they accept.


NOTE:  Egyptian banks do not value INR. They only prefer hard currencies like Euro, USD, Sterling Pound, Saudi Riyals, Dirham, and a few other including Canada, Australia.


You can exchange INRs at some Egyptian banks but you not get the desired bank rates. It will be easier to get hard currency (dollars, euro, etc) beforehand and bring that.


Foreign currencies are difficult to bring to Egypt, so you can pay in foreign cash as well. USD is easily changed in the country but do not give coins at the time of payment. They are useless for people there. Why? As they might not have bank accounts and cannot exchange these coins.


Also, exchange only required amount. Later, you can get difficulty while converting your EGPs back to USD leaving you to spend more money!

I hope now you are clear about “Indian rupees and US Dollars Used in Egypt” topic.


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