6 Weird facts about Cleopatra that your teacher won’t tell you!

Have you seen the most expensive movie ever made? Then, you are missing something in your life.


Cleopatra movie was an epic historical drama film that came in 1963. It was based on the life and rule of the queen of Egypt. You will be shocked to know that the budget eventually went up from $2 million to $44 million which included some $200,000 to cover the main heroine’s costumes.

Cleopatra was not her original name.


Originally, Cleopatra was the name of Alexander’s Great sister. And when Ptolemy V Epiphanes and Cleopatra I Syra married, the name entered the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Her full name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator. There were six other Cleopatra’s before her (Original Cleopatra was not included).


She was not Egyptian.


Cleopatra was born in Egypt but her family was originally from Macedonian, Greece. Eventually, Ptolemaic Dynasty came into power after the death of the Alexander in 323 B.C. Not being ethnically Egyptian, she was the first from this dynasty to actually learn the Egyptian language.

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Was Cleopatra really beautiful?


Many historians believe that Cleopatra was really very beautiful and also very intelligent woman.



Cleopatra spoke a dozen languages and was educated in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and oratory. She was also a very creative writer and wrote an article about “Cosmetics”. This was not on cosmetics but more on medical and pharmacological work for hair loss and dandruff.

She used her sex appeal as a political weapon to maintain relations between both Egypt and Rome. She had sexual relationships with Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius. Also, she had 4 children, one from Caesar and other three from Marcus.


After the death of Caesar, she maintained close relationships with Marcus as eastern Roman Empire was under his control.


Her Marriage with her Own Brothers


Another very interesting part of the Queen’s life was her marriage with her own brothers. Like other Royal houses, it was a custom to marry someone from their family to preserve the purity of the bloodline. Eventually, she got married to her own brothers who ruled with her during her reign.


Did You Know?

The parents of Cleopatra were actual brother and sisters.

She killed her siblings


She encouraged Antonius to kill her younger sister, Arsinoe IV. Her two brothers ruled with her for quite some time. However, Ptolemy XIII died in a battle while Cleopatra poisoned Ptolemy XIV after her son Caesarion’s birth.


Cleopatra died from an asp’s bite?


After what had happened with Marcus, it’s hard to believe that she died from an asp bite. After Marcus stabbed himself in the stomach, Cleopatra poisoned herself through a needle which could have been mistaken for an asp’s bite.


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