City Palace Udaipur | City Palace Museum – Timings, Sound & Light Show


The magnificent City Palace in Udaipur showcases the entire splendor that Mewar Dynasty enjoyed centuries ago and it is still as majestic.


In addition, it is a vast palace complex located on the banks of Lake Pichola in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan and has various palaces built within its complex.


The construction of the palace started in 1553 and it took nearly 400 years to complete. Maharana Udai Singh II of Sisodia family built this temple. In fact, he build this as he shifted his capital from Chittor to the new city of Udaipur.


Moreover, this palace is a combination of Rajasthani, European, Chinese and Mughal architecture, making one of the most spectacular palaces in Udaipur. It is made of marble and granite. Also, it has some of the most amazing ivory-work, silver-work, mirror-work, wall paintings and inlay-work.


Furthermore, the City Palace Museum is one of the most attractive features in City Palace Udaipur. It displays Rajasthani culture and history of the Mewar Dynasty.




Visiting Hours of City Palace: 7am-11pm


Visiting Hours of City Palace Museum: 9:30am-5:30pm


Entry Fees for City Palace: Adult– INR 30 and Children– INR 15


Entry Fees for City Palace Museum:


  • Adult– INR 250
  •  Child (5 to 18) – INR 100
  •  Child (below 5) – INR Free
  •  Camera– INR 250





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