Aswan High Dam, Egypt | Facts, Design, Owner and its Ecological Disaster

Is it situated on River Nile or Lake Nasser?

Heard this question before? Ever thought about it? Well, this article will answer your every question you ever thought or heard before!


Aswan High Dam also called Sadd el-Aali is a rock-fill dam. It is situated on River Nile and the dam forms Lake Nasser.

Did you get the answer to your question? I hope, yes. It is a very popular among tourists from the entire world.


The construction of the High Dam began in 1968 and ended in 1970. However, it was officially inaugurated in 1971. The total cost to make this Dam reached $1 BILLION!!!


Did You Know: The Nile River is one of the largest rivers in the world. Moreover, the construction of the dam creates a huge reservoir which serves the whole Egypt.

What is the use of the dam? How did it help Egypt?


The primary use is that it serves as source of water for about 33,600km of irrigation land for both Egypt and Sudan.

Other uses may include:

  • control of floods
  • power generation
  • improvement in navigation across the Nile
  • steady water level for boats to roam around easily
  • regulates the flow of water to whole Egypt


Moreover, the Dam has helped people to irrigate their lands properly. Before this they were only dependent on local sources.


Did You Know:  The Lake Nasser named after Gamal Abdel Nasser. He was one of the leader of Egyptian Revolution (1952) and also the second President of Egypt who initiated this High Dam project.

Problems Caused by the Dam


Firstly, the silt (fine sand) not reaching the Delta has led to a number of problems. Secondly, it gets accumulated behind the Aswan Dam and form a thick layer on the floor of Lake Nasser.


Aswan High Dam Redesigned


Thankfully, the Russian engineers collaborated with various Egyptian engineers and redesigned the rock-fill dam. There were approximately 34,000 people out of which 25,000 were engineers of Egypt.


Fun Fact:  Due to the construction of Aswan High Dam, Abu Simbel Temple was submerged under Lake Nasser.



How to Reach:  Take a taxi to reach to the High Dam.


What to Expect: Take a glimpse at the beautiful Lake Nasser and the dam.


Weather:  The weather is generally hot and dry. So, your travel clothing should be light and comfortable.


What to carry: Sun block, a hat, and water bottles.


Currency:  Egyptian Pound (EGP)

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