Aravalli Range – Physical Features, Mountain Range, Hills of India


The Aravalli range is a very famous range of mountains. It is the oldest range of Fold Mountains in India.


It runs approximately 692km in a southwest direction. In fact, it starts in north from Delhi and then passing through Haryana and Rajasthan and ends in Gujarat.


Aravalli, in ancient times were extremely high but it has worn town due to weathering. Moreover, it has now stopped growing higher due to stoppage in tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust below them.


Furthermore, this range of mountains is rich in numerous natural resources including minerals and also helps in the growth of western desert. It also gives rise to various rivers like Banas, Luni, Sakhi and Sabarmati.


Though, it is heavily forested in the south region, but generally it is very thinly populated, consisting of large sand areas and stone.


Climate in Aravalli Range:

The Aravalli range in northern part of Delhi and Haryana has humid subtropical climate with extremely hot summers and cool winters.


Not to mention, the central range in Rajasthan has dry climate whereas southern range in Gujarat has tropical wet and dry climate.


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