Amer Fort – Timings, History, Entry Fees | Tourist Place in Jaipur


Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort is a beautiful monument built in the 16th century by trusted general of Akbar, Maan Singh.


Made of red and white sandstone, this structure is a perfect example of ancient Indian architecture. This architecture is a blend of Hindu, Muslim and Rajputs styles. The stunning carving on the walls and the ceilings is what makes it a popular tourist spot.


Apart from architecture, the fort also has some amazing paintings of ancient hunting, some portraits of great Rajput rulers etc.


Some amazing doorways with unique architectural styles are a delight to look at. And last but not the least there are many buildings inside the fort which includes:

  • Diwan-i-aam
  • Diwan-i-khaas
  • Sukh Mandir
  • Sheesh Mahal, etc.




Location: It is located slightly away (11 Kms) from the main city of Jaipur but it is a very important tourist destination.


Visiting Hours: You can visit the Amer Fort between 9am to 6pm. Elephant ride at fort is available from 9:30am to 1pm.


Sound and Light Show: They also organize light show in the evening. English show starts at 7:30pm while the Hindi show starts at 8pm.



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