Is Alcohol easily available in Egypt? – Alcohol in Egypt


Alcohol lover?  I thought so! If you are confused whether you can alcohol or beer in Egypt or not, then it is my pleasure to inform you that YES! Alcohol is available.



Where can you buy liquor? – Alcohol in Egypt


Though you cannot drink alcohol or any type of alcoholic drink in the streets or in public places but it is openly available in hotels and shops all around Egypt. Most hotels have bars which serve you alcohol. Also, there are duty free shops that visitors can use up to 48 hours after arrival.


MUST KNOW:  Alcohol is not available during Ramadan time.


From my personal experience I have seen most places in Cairo have bars and at least one liquor store but I preferred drinking in hotel. Wondering why? I mean there is nothing wrong but I feel much safer at hotels (That’s just my perspective).


And in case you don’t feel comfortable at your hotel then feel free to ask the hotel staff. They will definitely suggest you exactly the place you are looking for!



TOURIST TIP:  The shopkeepers at the liquor store or the staff at bars tends to look strangely at women so don’t be put off by that!!! It’s not very common in their country. (I was looked at too :p)



You must also know that imported liquor is way expensive than beer or wine. Beer and wine has its own place in ancient Egyptian history. But that is just another topic itself. Beer and wine are cheaper. They are a great alternative for expensive liquor at reasonable price.



Does airline allow carrying alcohol while travelling to Egypt?


Generally, airlines allow people 18 and above to bring the following into the country:


  • You can bring 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco.
  • The most important part is the alcohol. So you can bring up to 3Litres of alcoholic beverages. NOT MORE THAN THAT!! Or else you can face problems.


(It may vary from airline to airline).


An Egypt airline allows you to carry Duty free liquids purchased from any airport or airline as hand luggage.



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