The Shocking Revelation of Aghori Sadhus In India And Their Wild Rituals!

Aghori Sadhus in India

Now that we have the technology to live a far more comfortable and easy life, we believe that over the years the world has evolved. But have all of us evolved?

What I am about to tell you now will make your jaws drop. We all are well aware that the sadhus (monks) of India deny the worldly pleasures and believe in living the orthodox life. But, the aghori babas take the renunciation to a whole new level.


Who are aghori’s?

Aghori is a bizarre clan of sadhus in India. This clan is believed to be over a thousand years old. They inhabit Banaras, the city of Varanasi. Aghoris seek moksha from the cycle of reincarnation, but the journey to achieve it is an unconventional and gruesome one.

Hope you are ready for this ans stick till the end, as I am going to unravel all their unworldly secrets and it keeps getting better.

First, what do they believe in?

These devotees of Lord Shiva believe that Lord shiva is omnipresent , omniscient ,omnipotent . They renounce the eight bondages such as anger ,greed, obsession ,hatred ,shame ,sensual pleasure ,ego and identity .

They believe that by removing the bonds of the material world they will finally become one with the almighty. According to their beliefs, every person ’s soul is Shiva but is covered by these bonds. The practices of Aghori sadhus revolve around removing these bonds.

Disturbing rituals and practices.

Aghori sadhus are the most respected clan among sadhus yet they are most feared among people. Their religious practices are enough to arouse curiosity among the public.

For starters , they don’t believe in covering their body .They are not trying to encourage body positivity like Kim kardashian but have a spiritual essence to it . They wear nothing more on their bodies except a thin jute loin cloth and at times, nude.

According to their beliefs, being naked destroys shame . Shame is one of the many bonds which keep them from becoming closer to God. Being nude means complete renunciation from material world and its attachments. They are willing to cover their bodies with ashes of human cremated remains at most to cover their nakedness.

Aghori’s have a frightening sense of fashion when it comes to accessories. They like to wear human skulls and thigh bones of cremated people as jewellery.  Their love to rock dreadlocks like Bob Marley and never cut their hair is something to be acknowledged.


Moreover, they are big fans of smoking Marijuana . Aghori sadhus take heavy doses everyday because they believe it helps them to concentrate on their yogic practices and mantras.

Contrary to why most people smoke marijuana, they consume it because the hallucinations help them to increase their spiritual experience and is taken as religious ecstasy. Wow! Who can argue with that?

Black magic is pretty common in India, but Aghori sadhus claim to have healing powers .

They absorb the diseases from the sick and then eliminate it by using dark magic . They say they have the cure for every disease, even AIDS and cancer, and they never use their powers for harmful deeds. Human oils extracted from different parts of the body are another type of medicines offered by them.


Aghori sadhus believe there is beauty in everything . When it comes to hunger , anything is edible . They will eat rotten food ,garbage and even faeces or urine. Animals also do that ! Not that it’s not disgusting and extremely sickening but they eat it out of a human skull used as a bowl .

I think I like the company of animals better ! Well, in their defence , accepting the body and its decomposition process is the way to accept reality of old age , diseases and death. They feel neither pleasure nor pain while doing such an act. Aghoris do not see any difference between purity and dirt and try to find purity in filth .

Here comes the finale , Aghori sadhus live in cemeteries .They wander there all day and even sleep on the ashes of cremated bodies at night . They use corpses as a table to meditate on , they believe dead bodies are symbols of their own bodies. The abode of ghosts and evil spirits is their home.

Necro -Cannibalism is a common everyday ritual for them . They collect the bodies from the sacred Ganges river where bodies are floating to wash the sins of the dead. The Aghoris fish the bodies and use it as altars, fashioning items from the bones or for consumption .  The human flesh is often consumed raw or cooked over an open flame or even in a corrupt state.


Aghori Sadhus in India and Their believe in Shakti


Aghori sadhus even copulate with corpses when goddess Kali demands it .They even mate in graveyards with a consenting woman while she is menstruating and smeared in the ashes of the dead .They find spirituality in the act and become incarnations of Shiva and Shakti .

They say they gain supernatural powers which they do not seek but are unexpected gifts. They say they are true aghoras if they are able to concentrate on God even while performing the most perverted act like necrophilia. It is their idea of finding purity in the filthiest !

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